Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New Balance Ndividual Released

Ok, I'm kinda on the fence about these new kicks from New Balance
They are part of the New Balance Fall/Winter 07/08 collection and have been released across Europe. Matching your clothes, the "N" logo can be exchanged and replaced with others in several colorways, which are attached to the sneaker via velcro. The first season of Ndividual 574's come in three colorways - black, white and brown. Each sneaker comes with three "N" logos and 3 pairs of laces in the same colors as the "N" logos.
Personally I think they coulda given some better materials (3m reflective maybe) and color ways because the three color ways so far are kinda blah. I really like the idea and I was a lot more excited about the limited edition collabos they initially did with Foot Patrol and Gimme 5.

Pro-Keds releases Graf inspired shoe

I'll admit that for the most part I couldn't give much of a fuck about pro-keds.

Can't lie.

But that being said, ever since they were bought by Dame Dash of Roc-a-fella records and roc-a-wear fame they have at least started to be a little more interesting with shoe concepts.

A perfect example of this new found concept quality is the Royal Hi Graf. It features a dope old school all-over graffiti design and comes in black or white.

CAMP LO returns with "BLACK HOLLYWOOD" dropping July 24th

That's right ya little monstas!! Camp Lo is back and better than ever! Geechi Suede and Sonny Cheeba appeared in the 90's with the seminal "Luchini (this is it what)" and proceeded to blaze clubs and mixtapes nationwide. Then just like disco in the 70's they disappeared overnight.

The album "Black Hollywood" is out on Goodhands Records and is their first album in 5 years. They blazed a hot guest spot on the recent Lifesavas album "Gutterfly" (one of my favorite albums of early 2007) and now they are dropping their own heat. "We’re giving the listeners something they don't know they are missing yet,” Sonny Cheeba told HipHopGame.com “The fans that have been looking for that sound and can't find it, this is where it’s at.”

For real, go out and cop this album! Few hip hop artists deliver that authentic 70's style sleazed up funk like Camp Lo. Don't believe me? Check out the track...

Download via zshare "Black Hollywood"


TALIB KWELI "EARDRUM" in stores 8.21.07
This is Kweli's first album on his own Blacksmith label and his 6th album overall. I think it may be one of his best. Kweli has always been a darling for backpacker/indy hip hop heads who appreciate lyrics and content. This album provides that in spades while at the same time it delivers on a commercial level. If you loved Common's latest album, you'll love this. If you loved Black Star, you will not be disappointed.

Check out the brand new video "HOT THING" Debuting on BET'S Rap City 8.16.07
Go on over to Talib's Youtube channel and check live performance footage (he lit it up at Rock the Bells this year!!) and all sortsa other shit.

Download "Hot Thing" mp3 via zshare