Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Kanye West Custom Dunks

It was only a matter of time until some enterprising shoe customizer dropped a Kanye Dunk on the world. EmmanueLabor gets the nod for this scintillating homage to Kanye's latest album, "Graduation."

more pics via SNEAKER FILES

DJ Khaled "I'm So Hood" rmx ft. Lil Wayne, Big Boi, luda, busta, & jeezy

Apparently all rappers on the planet are so "hood."
Luda absolutely murders this track!!!! Kills the original. Seriously, it must be hard to follow that. Big Boi and Busta do their best. It's also just nice to have Big Boi get back to just rapping ya know?!

Download "I'm So Hood" remix

J.R. Writer "Writer's Block 5" Nov, 20th

I can admit that I am in no way, shape, or form a fan of Dip Set. They don't do it for me. They represent most everything that I think is wrong with hip hop these days (image over substance, crass materialism, unrealistic thuggish imagery backed with limited conceptual or technical skill). That being said I have always held J.R. Writer as a guilty pleasure. He is Dip Set to death but at the same time has some lyrical skill and leans toward the catchy punchline delivery of a number of exceptionally talented underground emcees. These talents are often drowned out by the Dip Set pose and the less talented crew mates surrounding him but nonetheless, I like Writer!!!
...oh yeah, Katt Williams is a funny mufucka too!!!

"Where You At" produced by Soul Starz is the first street/leak record from J.R.'s forthcoming sophomore album "Writer's Block 5." The single embodies the gritty, New York street sensibility that has catapulted J.R. out of the shadow of Dipset and into the lyrical limelight.

Getting his start as an extended member of the Dipset crew (including
multiple appearances on frontline Dipset releases & mixtapes), J.R. is
perhaps most renowned for his highly regarded writer's block concept
album series. "Writer's Block 5" is characterized by J.R. as the
defining offering from this series to date.

With 2006's "History In The Making," J.R. showcased his rapid fire
delivery, most notably with Dipset-inflected street hits like "Grill
'Em." "Writer's Block 5" suitably highlights J.R.'s artistic growth
and heightened emphasis on lyrical versatility.

But first it's back to the streets with the gritty stylings of "Where You At."


Download "Where You At"

Blue Sky Black Death "Razah's Ladder" Oct 23rd

Hell Razah, a Wu-Tang affiliate and core original member of the Sunz of
Man, speaks on his most recent solo project, "Blue Sky Black
Death--Hell Razah: Razah's Ladder."

In this rare video appearance, Razah breaks down his creative
collaboration with the buzzing production duo Blue Sky Black Death,
most renowned for their critically heralded 2006 collaboration album
with Wu-Tang affiliate Holocaust.

Recognizing the talent of Kingston and Young God (Blue Sky Black Death),
the veteran emcee shines light on the album's creative process from
inspiration to execution, while also paying respects to the legendary
independent guest artists who appear on the record: ILL Bill & Sabac
Red (Non-Phixion), Crooked I, Shabazz the Disciple, Prodigal Sunn and

While technically Blue Sky Black Death's sophomore album, Hell Razah
appears on almost every track and thereby views this offering as the
prefacing opus to his subsequent release: "Heaven's Razah."

**Also look for the premiere of the Blue Sky Black Death & Hell Razah
track "Halos" featuring renowned emcee Crooked I later this week!!**

Blue Sky Black Death: Hell Razah

"Razah's Ladder"

In Stores Oct. 23rd