Thursday, January 21, 2010

Brother Ali & Justin Timberlake?!?!

from the twin cities AV Club site…“Jackson Hole, Wyoming’s Million Dollar Cowboy Bar’s first-ever hip-hop show certainly seems one to write home about: Hometown hero Brother Ali played the sold-out release party on Sunday for JH Snowboarder Magazine, when some dude in the crowd hopped on stage and started beatboxing.

“Me being me, I snatched the mic from him and he got off stage,” Ali posted to his Twitter. He quickly found out who the mystery dude was: Justin Timberlake. Apparently, Grammy-winning pop stars have more right than the average man to rock mics alongside the Brother: “I ran and grabbed him and he beatboxed while I freestyled for about 15 minutes,” Ali tweeted. Though the sound quality in the video clip below leaves something to be desired, the energy the odd pairing riled up is undeniable.”