Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dirt E. Dutch & Breez Evahflowin Are "Troublemakers"

Since I'm on this emcee / producer duo kick I wanna let you know about a new project from Breez Evahflowin. This time around the Stronghold emcee teams up with producer Dirt E. Dutch for a collaboration on Little Ax called "Troublemakers."
The tracks that Dutch delivers on this record may be some of the best production that Breez has ever had the opportunity to spit over. Breez doesn't disappoint either. He's spent years carrying the Stronghold crew's rep from battle to battle but it looks like he's finally gonna get some recognition as a writer and not just a battler. Check out these tracks and go get the album fools!

Download "Killhumanati"

Touch & Nato Are The Representatives "Intelligent Design"

Touch & Nato hail from Alberta, Canada. What I know about Canada is they have pro wrestlers, and snow, and beer. Now I find out they've got some pretty dope hip hop talent as well. These two have released a project they call "The Representatives: Intelligent Design." The album features appearances by Wordsworth, Cadence Weapon and others and Nato delivers solid production from start to finish. So pay attention and get down with a producer, emcee duo that you maybe never heard of before.

Download "Somethin' Real" ft Wordsworth
Download "What I Really Wanna Say" ft Cadence Weapon

Friday, January 18, 2008

Snoop "Sensual Seduction" remix ft Lil Kim

makes his move into the new soul-funk that Gnarls Barkley, Plantlife, Dudley Perkins, and Pharrell have been pushing for the last little while. It suits him nicely too. I've got the "Sensual Seduction" remix off of his forthcoming album "Ego Trippin'" here for you featuring Lil Kim. Check the video (it is awesome!!)
The album is due in March of '08 look for it everywhere!!

Download "Sensual Seduction" the remix

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Nemesis Two "Don't Stop Rockin'"

The Nemesis Two is back again for another round of dope hip hop out of the Great White North. From the new EP "Uncontaminated" which hits stores on January 22nd and will be available digitally on iTunes.

Download "Don't Stop Rockin"

410 Pharoahs "Fresh"

From Baltimore comes 410 Pharoahs. They drop a mix of the bmore club sound that has been makin' noise all over the country lately. The difference here is the skills and pedigree of the members. Most specifically Labtekwon!?! Lab has been around for a loong time. He's been on the underground scene since the early days of Rawkus Records and the whole underground hip hop explosion in the mid 90's. Now he returns (I guess he never really left) with a new sound and a new approach that clings to old school party hip hop aesthetics while maintaining a lyrical complexity that no other act is doing in this style. Their new release is on Ill Friction / Strictly Rhythm and they even have a co-sign from party master Kenny Dope himself!

Download "Fresh"

Talib Kweli "hot thing" Remix

This is the "Hot Thing" (remix), from Talib Kweli. This new remix of last year's hit features a brand new beat, a dope guest appearance from Jean Grae, and the soulful Ne-Yo on the hook. Talib's album "Eardrum" was one of the highlights of last year's very strong year for thoughtful hip hop music. It was also another landmark for Koch Records as a label to be paying attention to in the new year.

Download "Hot Thing" (remix) - Blacksmith Records / koch

Hit up Kweli on myspace at Eardrum in stores now!

Monday, January 14, 2008

JB Classics Spring '08 Prime Label

This season JB Classics introduces yet another sub label of their brand - the Prime Label. Their Premium label delivers sneakers with special applications in limited quantities. The Prime Label will have a wider distribution and is priced just right. All models will continue to have the overall attention to detail. Each line will have its own separate packaging identity,placement,price points and quantities. I am really interested in the silhouette pictured above as it reminds me of a New Balance sneaker. I'd love to see what the kids at JB Classics do with it. If this one is any indication then i have another must pick up sneaker in my collection.

Militant Military "In Da Bikke"

things that make you go "hmmmm"
This one may take the cake. Militant Military is a Tampa group.
Here is their press release:

Militant Military? is compromised of what some may call a group of “young soldiers, rebels and revolutionaries”. Although the name may sound controversial, the troop certainly is not. “Militant Military? is a state of mind equipped with an army of Soljah’s to fight a battle for God” according to Soljah, the leader of the troops. “At one point, we were not disciplined, but had to learn to overcome those obstacles and discipline ourselves”. He further states, “due to our growth as individuals, as team, as a unit of one, we’re able to share a purpose, a vision, and the determination to work towards a common goal.”

What was once an ordinary group of men and women led by the misconceptions of life has now emerged into an Army that’s a force to be reckoned with. Whenever these Soljah’s take the stage daunting their signature mask and hip-militant attire, you best believe that there will be Attention on Deck!! The group is always on the grind performing shows throughout Florida; leaving their branded imprint in large and small cities alike.

This new revolutionary state of mind hip hop group promises to take charge and become viable members of the world’s hip hop movement.

Where to begin? Revolutionary towards or about what!?! Is it revolutionary to wear masks (ghostface)? Is it revolutionary to wear camo? There's nothing wrong with the song. It's a good club track about drugs and partying and getting fucked up. But what is militant about that??? What battle is being fought for God? How many more non-specific assertions can you make in one press release?
"We're militant!" about what?
"We're focused!" on what?
"We're disciplined!" How and why exactly?
"We share a determination! about what?
"We're working towards a common goal!" and that goal is...a player to be named later?!?!?
I DON'T GET IT! What exactly is being said here? If this is what's being pawned off as revolutionary in hip hop (and if it's accepted as such) then 2008 is in a sad state of affairs already. And nobody better come at me with this "stop hatin'" bullshit either. I don't hate party music. I don't hate on any form of music just because. This stuff is just mad inconsistent. If you claim revolution then BE REVOLUTIONARY! If you claim thug then BE A THUG! If you make party music then DO THAT SHIT! Be what you say you are!!
On a more positive note, their follow up song is called "Dat Pussy Look Good." So of course I will expect Revs. Jackson and Sharpton down here preparing a march with them any day now. If any song can change the system and smash the state it must be "Dat Pussy Look Good" right...

Download "In Da Bikke" (pronounced bike...yeah I don't know either.)

Dude N Em "Watch My Feet" remix ft Twista

I have been pretty obsessed with this song by Dude N Em called "Watch My Feet" since the Fall and realized I never posted it up here at Kicks-n-Jams. It is one more recent song that has made me RE Respect Twista. Man that dude can rap!! hahaha. Dude N Em is from Chicago and they are a part of that Chi-Town Juke music thing that has been blowin' up all over the place this year. Keep your eye on 'em because they are signed to TVT and will no doubt have a follow up to this extra hot song.

Download "Watch My Feet" ft Twista

Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Balance 20th Anniversary 576 More Pics

Just when you thought it was safe we hit you with some new pics for a very dope shoe that New Balance is releasing in honor of their 20th anniversary. I posted about these 576s previously and had resigned myself to trying to pick them up online or via ebay. They've already been released at Mita in Japan. But now I have it on very good authority that these kicks will be available right here is the States as well!!
The shoes feature a velvet purple tongue and interior. Very nice details on the flower insole and the stitched "20th" on the heel. The gold lacelock and white sole are nice touches as well. All in all this is a shoe I'm really looking forward to. Feel free to repost these pics folks. Tell 'em kicks-n-jams hooked you up!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ice Cube "Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It"

Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It

I was prepared to hate on this song and video. But Cube spits knowledge here and pulls no punches plus the images in the video are on point.

Gemini ft Lupe Fiasco "We On"

Lupe Fiasco is all over at the moment. His new album "The Cool" is one of my favorite releases this winter. His FNF affiliate Gemini brings the hot shit on this one too.

Some West Coast Heat from Zion I, Too Short, & Mistah Fab

West Coast!!!! If you don't know then Imma tell ya that your boy DJ Lazy is a fan of the West Coast from waaaay back. Here are a few recent representas from the other side making some music that hasn't broken through to the mainstream yet but is just bubblin' under the surface.

Some hot tracks from the Bay Area. Slaps!!

Download "Goin' Crazy" Mistah Fab ft. Fabo, & 2Doll
Download "Don't Lose Your Head" Zion I ft. Too Short
Download "Popos" Turf Talk ft. E-40

Blame One "Finally" EP

Ripped from the vinyl only release by Blame One himself. Extended liner notes with a personal account of the songs can be found on, the new Blame One and Exile blog.

Dope. Link

This download will be really dope to some, outdated and/or even wack to others.Fuck it, it is what it is. I recorded this from vinyl straight to mp3 for the first time. I originally only pressed 500 copies of this on vinyl. It was my first vinyl as a solo artist (my group mystery's extinction was featured on vinyl before this). I to this day only have one copy so its very limited. Two songs ended up on “chemically imballanced” but they were heard here first. I didnt add any restoration or effects to clean it up, I kept it exactly as is. Ive always wanted to tell a bit of history behind songs and since this is free… I figured… why not

Kool G Rap & Haylie Duff "On The Rise Again"


This one goes into my "What The Fuck?!" Hall Of Fame.

Kool G Rap's upcoming album, titled "Half A Klip", will be released on the Koch Entertainment-distributed labels Chinga Chang Records and Latchkey Recordings on February 5, 2008 worldwide. Half A Klip features production by DJ Premier. The first single is titled "Risin Up" produced by Domingo. The next single "On The Rise Again" is produced by DJ Premier. Kool also allegedly fathered a child with Karrine Steffans.

Download "Kool G Rap ft. Haylie Duff - "On The Rise Again"

Rhymefest VS Michael Jackson Mixtape

Chi-town’s own Rhymefest is currently signed to producer Mark Ronson’s Allido Records, he is set to release his sophomore album, El Che, at some point this year (Wikipedia has it set for this spring.)

In anticipation, he’s put together another excellent mixtape, this time with a theme: the mixtape is a dedication to Michael Jackson and has ‘Fest rapping over old MJ songs and both old and original beats created from Jackson samples. The tape is mixed by Mark Ronson and features original production by Ronson & Emile. Talib Kweli, Dres (of Black Sheep) and the very dope DC rapper Wale (who is featured on Kicks-n-Jams here) all make appearances.

Rhymefest has very generously offered the mixtape for free download. Here’s a link to download it from his own site. (Mirror on Rapidshare)

Joell Ortiz: Ups And Downs Video

Joell is one of my favorite rappers of '07. Hopefully he'll continue strong in 2008.

Spy Vs. Spy teams with Puma & Bodega

Boston store Bodega has been behind some pretty impressive projects this past year, and more are to come. The store teams up with Puma and Mad Magazine's Spy vs. Spy cartoon for this latest project. The Puma Sky II Hi comes back as the Spy II Hi. Lots of nice details have been put into the shoe including morse code, bullet holes, dynamite swingtags and even a stash pocket. Via Sneaker Freaker.

Expect these to release in the coming months.