Thursday, September 13, 2007

Luckyiam Drops "Most Likely To Succeed" In Stores Now!!

I am outta town dealing with some family stuff at the moment. I got a minute to sneak out and chill in a Barnes & Noble. I brought the Luckyiam album "Most Likely To Succeed" with me, and let me tell you, it is excellent!! I'll post up more on this later.

Ok, it is "later" and I still like this album. If you don't know Luckyiam then you may not be a fan of West Coast hip hop in the last fifteen years. He co-founded Living Legends, was a member of Mystik Journeymen, and honed his craft in L.A. at the Goodlife Cafe alongside, Freestyle Fellowship, Pigeon John, Busdriver and a ton of other artists. He is on tour with Atmosphere, and is set to take over the world with his 3rd installment in his "Extra Credit" series of releases. Consider this record Lucky's solo "GRADUATION" because, for real, Lucky is gonna do big things and this is your chance to get in on the ground floor.

Download "Tear Him Down"