Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hifana live MPC and DJ Routine @ 2007 China DMC Finals


Amerie "Take Control" Dave Ghetto Remix

I have a radio show called Hip Hop Flavors on WMNF 88.5 in Tampa, Florida. Been doin' it for goin on five years and I love it! I especially love our listeners. Even when I think that we're alone in a studio on Martin Luther King with no one paying attention to us in the middle of the night folks are actually listening! (cool!!)

The show streams online 24/7 right here. So go and listen now!!

The point here is that I got a myspace message from a listener in California asking about a specific song from December (!) by Amerie featuring Dave Ghetto. The track is called "Take Control" and as far as I know it was an unofficial remix that Dave Ghetto dropped a verse onto. The track is mad funky with horn stabs and a guitar lick that just repeats until you start snappin' yer neck like a chiropractor!!

So this one goes out to Eko! Thanks for listenin'. Tell some folks about the radio show, and hey, maybe even send 'em over to kicks-n-jams...

I love to serve our listeners!

Download "Take Control"

Evan Dorkin's "Bif Bam Pow" released Nov 1st

Evan Dorkin is one of my favorite comic book artists. He is the brains and talent behind "Pirate Corp$ / Hectic Planet," (where I fell in love with his work) "Milk & Cheese," Marvel's "Bill & Ted's Excellent Comic Book," and many more. His most well known work is also the work that he gets the least credit for. He,(along with his wife Sarah) has worked on "Space Ghost Coast To Coast," and the "Superman" animated series. He has also done the occasional album cover for various (mostly ska) bands.

Why tell you about this?? Well he has a new comic coming out and you need it!!
"BIF-BAM-POW!" #1 hits comic shop shelves Nov. 1st. It is coming out on Slave Labor Graphics (and lemme tell ya, they've been releasing some great comic books for a looong time. Go see for yourself!)

He also maintains a blog called "Big Mouth Types Again" that amuses and entertains me.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Statik Selektah "Spell My Name Right" drops Nov 6th

Boston DJ/Producer Statik Selektah is dropping his new album "Spell My Name Right" Tuesday Nov. 6th on Brick Records. The album features a bonified who’s who in Hip Hop from underground celebs like Termanology and Esoteric to legends like Kool G Rap, KRS-One, AG and Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest to the hottest of today’s rising stars like Mims, Uncle Murder & Joell Ortiz. “Spell My Name Right (The Album) has something for everyone...street anthems "G Shit (Showoff Mix)", underground bangers "Did What We Had To Do", straight battle raps "Time To Say Goodbye" and even a the long forgotten DJ song "No Mistakes Allowed". East to left coast ALL the big dogs show up for this one. All production by Statik Selektah.

Here is a posse cut featuring Joell Ortiz, Kool G Rap, & Sheek Louch

Download "6 In The Morning"

Photek "Love War" LA RIOTS remix

Photek is one of my favorite drum and bass producers. Since the decline of that genre into repetitive trite fuckery he has taken to 4x4 house rhythms and other projects. I am still, however, a loyal fan and find myself enjoying his production regardless of genre distinctions. This is a remix by "it" producers and blog darlings LA RIOTS.

Download "Love War"
Download "Ni Ten Ichi Ryu"

Nike Summer '08 Dunk SB “720 Degrees”

Previously revealed in the Nike SB Summer 2008 catalog, now we got more information about its story behind. It is inspired by the first skateboarding arcade game, 720 Degrees, manufactured by Atari Games in 1986.

720 Degrees, or 720°, is a 1986 arcade game by Atari Games. 720°, a skateboarding game, is notable in that it is the first extreme sports video game, and has a unique timed structure that requires the player score points in order to keep the game going. The game’s name comes from the “ultimate” trick, turning a full 720° (two complete circles) in the air after jumping off a ramp. 720° has the player controlling a skateboarder ripping around a middle-class neighborhood. By doing jumps and tricks, the player can eventually acquire enough points to compete at a skate park.

pics & info via kix-files

Californication season finale shits in my mouth!!

Let me be perfectly clear here. The season finale to the Showtime Series "Californication" was the second biggest piece of shit on television this year! (I mean c'mon, nothin' can really touch "Viva Laughlin.")

I wanna be even more clear. I loved this show! I told friends about it. I was entertained each week by Hank's sexual exploits that served to mask his deep sorrow. Each of his hedonistic escapades only served to weave him into a tighter web of deceit and self loathing. The duality of a character who both yearns for and draws back in revulsion from middle class values and ideals was priceless. A man too intelligent to ignore his own pain and ineptitude but too ignorant to avoid it. I bit the bullet and was this close to feeling like I could call David Duchovny talented and watchable. Two traits he had nimbly stutter stepped and straight armed like a Heisman trophy winner to avoid in his career up to this point. Well I guess I shouldn't have rushed to judgment, because the final episode and most particularly the final scene of the show flushed it all down the toilet. Any realistic (and intriguingly funny) assessment of the human condition as one goes through grief and despair was kicked right in the nuts by the infantile, teenage boy fantasy that served as the show's culmination. All is right with the world?!!? Everything's all better because Hank acted mature for 15 seconds?!?! Gimme a fuckin break! What narcissistic, puerile daydream did I stumble into? How could a show with so much going for it have taken such a turn???

Saturday, October 27, 2007

ALIFE x Asics Gel Lyte III Available Online

Now here are a couple of really hot sneakers that will basically be hyped into the stratosphere. Despite the hype I really dig the look of both. I'm more partial to the green monster personally...

At 12:01 am Saturday, October 27th, non-NYC residents will have an opportunity to purchase the ALIFE x Asics Gel Lyte III. Both the Green Monster and Black Lagoon Gel Lyte III along with matching tees will be available for purchase on The price will be $200.00 and only a limited amount will be available.

Just as a note: NOT AVAILABLE TO NEW YORK STATE RESIDENTS - If you live in New York, you must go to ALIFE NYC to purchase.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Jay-Z ft Lil Wayne "Hello Brooklyn"

Off of the "American Gangster" album that Jay-Z is makin', here comes the latest track. Anything is better than that wack ass Blue magic song!!

Download "Hello Brooklyn"

And since we're droppin Lil Wayne tracks, here is Freeway ft Lil Wayne.

Download "Step Back"

Dub Step?!? What It Is & Where It's From...

Dub Step is a genre that has been very difficult for me to get into. I had just not heard too much in it that made me wanna do anything other than yawn. But hey, the same can be said for a lotta hip hop these days too! ;-)

That being said, I just heard some stuff from a producer named Burial that sounds really interesting. Plus I ran across a video overview of the genre, and it's origins, and artists (Benga, Youngsta, & Kode 9) at XLR8R that introduced me to it in a way that I could relate to.

Some of this stuff really takes me back to the halcyon days of Hardcore / Drum & Bass / Jungle... only on downers. And hey, there's even a Florida contingent of this largely UK dominated genre.

Saul Williams New Album self-released online available Nov 1st

Saul Williams is taking the music industry into his own hands.
Following in the footsteps of Radiohead and others, Saul Williams is self-releasing his latest album "The inevitable rise and liberation of niggytardust!" online.
You can go over to his site and pick it up for a measly $5.

Guess who produced the album?
Yep, the man behind Nine Inch Nails, Trent Reznor!!!
Crazy right?!?!

Little Brother "The GetBack" Drops Oct 23rd

Little Brother dropped "The Getback" on Tuesday. Big Pooh and Phonte still seem unable to actually break up with 9th Wonder. He produced a few tracks for the album. Same thing happened on 9th's album too. Fortunately Hi-Tek, and Denaun Porter both produce tracks and probably the most hard hitting song "Good Clothes" was produced by Beat Fanatic producer Illmind.

Phonte leaked the album on I'm sure the label loooved that...

Little Brother will be out on tour with Evidence of Dilated Peoples for the next couple months. They'll be in Orlando Nov 27th.

Download "Good Clothes"

Nike Luxurious Dunk Package

Nike has created a set of 100 strictly limited luxury Dunks - exclusively for selected Music lovers. This product will not be for sale.

The luxurious Dunks are made of patent leather with details that play with the colors Black, Red and Gold. Special features of the model are the use of 3M ScotchliteTM and a checkered midsole. Another special element of the shoe is the Zoom cushioning that is normally used in Nike SB Dunks.

This special Dunk comes together with a “Be True” Shirt, a suitcase trolley and a special Dunk Hoody and will be given only to one hundred carefully selected guests on the occasion of the MTV Music Awards in Munich. The personal hand over will take place at Nike’s Dunk Studio – a temporary studio space located in Munich’s Glockenbach neighbourhood.

The studio showcases the universe of this sneaker Icon from its first days to contemporary executions such as selected styles of the Nike Sport Culture Spring 08 Collection.

info & more pics via highsnobiety

Company Flow re-unites at CMJ

The worst kept secret in New York last week was that at Def Jux’s CMJ Showcase, Company Flow would reunite on stage. And that’s exactly what happened when EL-P was joined by Bigg Jus after his solo set to run through some Co Flo songs. DJ Mr Len was nowhere to be seen but El-P’s current DJ, Mr Dibbs helped the duo with “The Fire In Which You Burn,” “Population Control” “Vital Nerve” and “8 Steps To Perfection.” There are rumored plans that the group will be re-uniting next year.

El-P also had another surprise guest on the night, when he was joined by Del The Funkee Homosapien.

info link at nialler9

Thursday, October 25, 2007

AZ drops new single "Life On The Line"

AZ is back at it again. The guy has dropped a couple really tight hip hop albums on Koch records over the last couple years (A*W*O*L*, & The Format) and he shows no signs of slowin' down.
Check out his new single "Life On The Line" ft Jimi Kendrix (Produced by Street Radio).

Download "Life On The Line"

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nike Air Force 1 Running Pack Hybird

A nice pack of AF1 sneakers is on the way. Here is another set of hybrid Air Force 1 x Air Max & ACG series.

Safari Air Force 1 is no longer only a pair of SBTG custom as it also included in the Running Pack that would release next year. Besides, 2 more Air Forces also inspired by ACG series, Mowabb and Air Wildwood. Air Force 1 x Air Max 97 is also available to have a full length Air Max sole.

I really like the cement design and the elephant design on the first two and the red sole on the third sneaker is pretty cool too. I'm also feelin the material and color combos on the second shoe. That blue is pretty sweet.

Nike buys Umbro for over half a billion!!

In a move that will probably interest my man Mudd, my boss Tony and DJ Rig, among others, it appears that Nike is buying UMBRO for $580 million.
I got the info over at Kix-files go over there for the full article. I can't think of a single kid who played soccer that didn't have or want a pair of Umbro shorts. The coolest pro teams all wore 'em. Nike is just takin' over everything I guess.

New Balance x AVENJ Sean D ‘Anconia M574

Finally we see a release for this awesome sneaker!! . After Josh Wisdumb and Eric Haze, New Balance continues their artist collaboration series, and gets together this time with
Sean D ‘Anconia of Her Majesty’s Secret Studios. The shoe pays homage to 70’s grindhouse cinema using a collage of the icons of the era: streets of Harlem to the skyscrapers of Hong Kong, from Yakuza to KungFu. The details on the sneaker are just incredible. My favorite is the felt on the afro. You can't get a much cooler shoe design than this!

It has been released at Atmos Tokyo.

Wu-Tang Clan Leak "Take It Back"

Looks like the Wu-Tang Clan miscommunication with Ghostface has been figured out. The Clan's latest album will be released on 12/11 one week after Ghost's newest effort. And all is well with the Clan...

Download "Take it Back"

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Electronic Blog "Boards of Electronica"

I ran across a pretty cool blog last night.

Boards Of Electronica

The blog is either French or French Canadian but either way it's chock full of older electronic and techno music. Real cool stuff too. Like Aphex Twin 12"s that he dropped under a myriad of psuedonyms. Some cool Richie Hawtin (aka Plastikman) stuff. The KLF ambient album. Luke Vibert, Speedy J, Venetian Snares, Spacetime Continuum... the list goes on. He obviously has the original pressings on many of these as he includes pics of the 12"s with all the production and label info. The record collector geek in me loves that kinda thing! Go over & check it out. Definitely worth a bit of your time if you're a fan of the older techno stuff. My only complaint is tht he uses rapidshare and I don't wanna join up to download tracks. I use zshare and have never been unhappy with it.

Monday, October 22, 2007

K-N-J Spotlight # 2: The Opus

Since I'm blogging about Chicago today I suppose I 'd better mention another group outta Chi-town that deserves attention. The Opus.

Mr. Echoes (f.k.a. Fanum) and The Isle of Weight, both outstanding producers in their own right have been collaborating together as The Opus since the early 90's.

The first national attention they received was as part of the seminal Chicago group Rubberoom. In '94 Rubberoom (made up of The Opus on production and Meta Mo, Lumba, and SPO on the mic) released "Gothic Architecture." In 1999 they released the apocalyptic "Architechnology." The album, and it's production was a heaving mass of dystopian revelations. While EL-P and his production on Def Jux has defined and explored turn of the century, distorted, off-kilter, paranoia, "Architechnology" had few similar contemporaries or precursors. The sounds were certainly without precedent. Unfortunately for Rubberoom, like so many groups, label problems stalled the momentum and eventually dissolved the collaboration.

The Opus, however, carried on after the breakup. Even during Rubberoom's run The Opus produced tracks for other artists, most notably delivering a stellar underground release with Thawfor "Where Thawght Is Worshipped" in '98. 2002's "First Contact" was their first full length, post-Rubberoom release on, now defunct, Ozone Music (home of Mike Ladd, Sonic Sum and others). This album featured guest emcees Aesop Rock, I Self Devine, Slug, MURS and others. In 2003 they released the criminally slept on, instrumental album, "Breathing Lessons" on Mush Records. The album continued to define their sound with bone dry drums and claustrophobic samples.

The Opus also continued to perform live. Delivering layered and mesmerizing performances all over the country, they transformed their studio production into a live affair that is well worth seeing. I saw them in Austin Texas at South By South West and was absolutely blown away!

In 2007 The Opus self released "Blending Density" a dark and abstract sound scape featuring some rare and unreleased previous work alongside the duo's latest productions. The album is available in CD or MP3 format through the group's website

Here are a few tracks from throughout The Opus' career.

Download "Sector Rush Rebuilt"
Download "Luna Landing"
Blending Density
Download "Mission Control"
Breathing Lessons
Download "Films"
ft Sonic Sum
Download "Pedigree"
The Opus Remix of Brother Ali entered for the Skribble Jam Producer's Battle 2007

Kid Sister

OK, at this point if you don't know who Kid Sister is then you're beyond sleepin'! You may need medical attention. There may be right wing TV hosts calling for your life to be preserved despite the fact that you are legally brain dead. You are in a coma from which you will never emerge. Catholics may try to make you a saint. Trent Lott may hold a prayer vigil/press conference outside your bedroom. Fox News may run a special on your plight. All this is true...

But on the heels of the Fool's Gold Tour that hit NYC for CMJ this year I feel as if it is my duty to once again try a "Grey's Anatomy/ ER" miracle and shock you back to life. It's what McDreamy would want.

Kid Sister is from Chicago. Her brother is in the DJ crew Flosstradamus. She rules dance floors and generally is at the forefront of the emerging club rap scene spearheaded by Floss, Diplo, Plastic Little, Spank Rock, A-Trak, and Tampa's own Yo Majesty.

She has a track called "Pro-Nails" that is, interestingly enough, about how her fingernails are done very nicely. Think a clubby Lil' Mama. Kanye West is on the remix and that is the track I'm gonna post here for ya. Get ready to buy this album because 2008 is the year of the Kid Sister!!

Download "Pro-Nails" ft kanye west

Friday, October 19, 2007

Ghostface "Big Doe Rehab" drops 12/04

The first single off of Ghostface's "Big Doe Rehab," in stores December 4, is called "Celebrate."

It's produced by Sean C and LV. If "BDR" is dropping on the same day as the Wu album isn't there gonna be some drama?? Seems peculiar. Why put the two up against each other like that??

This is a Nah Right exclusive so go over there and check out what they got goin' on.

Download "Celebrate" ft Kid Capri

New Balance 574 & 576 Japanese niceness

While I was over at Mita checkin out the new MT576 25th anniversary sneaker, I ran across a few other very hot (and apparently Japan only) kicks. Here are a couple 574s that would fit well into any closet. Premium quality material and vibrant colors make these two shoes really pop. The white and green remind me of the NB Concept's Tannery 576 Collabo that dropped this Fall.

Plus this Atmos 576 "fujin" that I posted about previously has already sold out. I really loved the look of this sneaker but sadly I will probably never get my hands on a pair. :-(

Mita Sneakers x New Balance Thunder MT576V


New Balance and Mita Sneakers collaborate on an MT576V. The sneaker is a hybrid of the M576 and the MT580. It features velcro straps instead of laces (not really a velcro strap kinda guy but these aren't too bad), print on the tongue, glow in the dark features on the toe box and the logo, a purple outer sole with a special pattern and much more. This is really a lotta stuff going on in one sneaker but they pull it off nicely.
The sneaker is part of the New Balance 576 20th anniversary celebrations, which start officially in 2008. The New Balance x Atmos M576 Fujin collaboration is followed by this Mita Sneakers x New Balance Thunder collaboration. The sneaker has now been released at Mita Sneakers.
Click HERE for more pics

Fat Joe "The Elephant In The Room"

The beat on this track is just destructive!! I could live the rest of my life never hearing fat joe rhyme about being a drug dealer but it's hard to deny this beat.

Download "The Crack House" ft Lil Wayne

"The Message Uni Versa" Mixtape

I've posted about G & D "The Message Uni Versa" before. Shame shame if you were sleepin'!!

Now you can check this mix from Dudley and Georgia via the good folks at Audible Treats
Download The Message Uni Versa Mixtape by Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins

Track Listing:

1. GodUnit - G&D

2. Time - G&D

3. Leroy - Georgia Anne Muldrow

4. Blackman - Georgia Anne Muldrow

5. Just Think - Dudley Perkins

6. MGD feat. M.E.D. - G&D

7. Get On Up - Dudley Perkins

8. Epilogue - Georgia Anne Muldrow

9. Dollar Bill - Dudley Perkins

10. One - G&D

11. Lovelight - Georgia Anne Muldrow

12. Falling - Dudley Perkins

13. Reallytho - Pattie Blingh and the Akebulan Five

14. Testing Me - Dudley Perkins

15. Washedbrainsyndrome - Dudley Perkins

16. Nothingness - Georgia Anne Muldrow

17. West Coast Recycler - Georgia Anne Muldrow

18. Hey - Georgia Anne Muldrow

19. Funky Dudley - Dudley Perkins

20. Feet - Georgia Anne Muldrow

21. Flowers - Dudley Perkins

Mishka "Tentacle Assault" New Era

Mishka will be releasing three New Eras this week including the "Tentacle Assault" cap which has never been viewed before.

The "Tentacle Assault" New Era is fully embroidered along the crown with the Mishka tentacle pattern, which was featured on the lining of many of the brands Fall 07 pieces. For extra style, it also has a satin contrast lining.

Mishka stockists will also be receiving two other models with their New Era shipments: the navy blue rip-stop waterproof version of the “Boney M” cap and the much anticipated “Keep Watch” glow in the dark cap.

All three New Eras will debuting at the Mishka pop-up shop this Friday in NYC and available at the Mishka online shop next week.

"Streetwear" by Steven Vogel

The first and only book of its kind, Streetwear The Insider's Guide is the definitive street fashion bible – a guide to clothes created or inspired by urban living, by the key designers around the globe.

Hundreds of streetwear designs and photographs provide an encyclopedic overview of the world of streetwear, and the book offers a unique insider’s view of this highly creative field.

Find out:
• How the creative director of Burton first became involved in streetwear,
• What inspires the seminal designer and streetwear guru Hiroshi Fujiwara
• What multinational goliath Stüssy, the streetwear legend, has planned for the future of street fashion
• How to get in-depth access to leading magazines, web publishers and creative agencies.

Streetwear focuses on streetwear design, and streetwear media – magazines and website publishers. Illustrated with designs, product sketches, graphics and photographs, and complete with a full and detailed reference section, this book will be seized on by all street enthusiasts, from fashion and advertising professionals to the millions who love buying and wearing streetwear.

"Designers like Karl Lagerfield and Jean Paul Gaultier are finally given all (which is to say, none) of the (original) credit they deserve. Streetwear The Insider's Guide is a comprehensive and encyclopedic overview of the world of urban fashion that focuses exclusively on first-wave creative movements. While many fashion books credit streetwear with inspiring top designers’ couture collections, this may be the first book that focuses entirely on their roots, i.e., urban living and its resulting fashion sense."
You can check out this 352 page monster at the Thames and Hudson website.

Nike Air Force 1 Supreme Max

The Nike Air Force 1 Supreme Max is what you see it is inspired by the original colorway of Air Max 95 Neon, the most special part of the shoe is not the air but the Air Max logo on the tongues. This is a pretty ill shoe right here. I don't own a single pair o AF1s but I'm tempted by these. The release date is set to 2008 Summer as quickstrike release.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Reebok Court Force Victory Pump "Glow In The Dark"

Finally the Reebok Court Victory Pump Glow-In-The-Dark has dropped.

The sneaker comes in a very simple and subtle design, with a white/green upper. When you see it at first you cannot even imagine what it can actually do. Because they did not just cover the entire upper with Glow-In-The-Dark material, they actually made an invisible pattern on the upper that only comes out in the dark.

The idea is pretty cool and the outcome at least from these pictures also looks great. Atmos Tokyo now has them in stock. I have almost never had any interest in Reebok sneakers. I never felt they had quality materials or concepts. I still think they could use better material but this is an awesome shoe idea!

Nas Is Back!!!!

Legendary Queens rapper Nas will release his upcoming "Nas Greatest Hits" on November 6th. It will feature his hits "If I Ruled The World", "Hate Me Now", & "Street Dreams". Since it will be released on November 6th, I've decided to give you guys the advance single, which will be featured on the album. Enjoy!
Sony releases NAS GREATEST HITS In Stores & Online November 6

Download "Surviving The Times"

1. Less Than An Hour (with Cee-Lo)
2. Surviving The Times
3. It Ain’t Hard To Tell
4. NY State Of Mind
5. One Love
6. If I Ruled The World (with Lauryn Hill)
7. Street Dreams (with R. Kelly)
8. Hate Me Now (with Puff Daddy)
9. Ether
10. One Mic
11. Got UR Self A….
12. Made You Look
13. Oochie Wally
14. Bridging The Gap (with Olu Dara)

The Aztext "Lettin You Know" ft One Be Lo

Burlington Vermont has hip hop?!?!?


The Aztext drop a hot Dub Sonata produced track with former Binary Star emcee One Be Lo from Michigan.

"The Sacred Document" drops October 23rd
The album features guest appearances from One Be Lo, & Mac Lethal.

Download "Lettin You Know"

Radix MC Seek "Perspective" ft Ed OG

Boston area crew Radix emcee Seek drops a nice track with Ed OG called "Perspective."
Keep your eyes and ears open for the single dropping Nov. 11th. His full-length, solo album, "Separation" is due out in '08.

Download "Perspective"

J-Live "Reveal The Secret" EP drops OCT 22nd


"I want this to feel like it came outa nowhere. I want the people that have it to feel special you know. Let them spread the word that I'm back. Pass it on before the album drops. You know… let the cat out the bag, reveal the secret."

Its no secret that J has worked with his fair share of elite producers in the past. And although this fall’s mini project is just a precursor, it is no different. "Reveal the Secret" features production by DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Spinna, Da Beatminerz, Marco Polo, and Oddisee. After a two year hiatus, J-Live follows his last critically acclaimed full length “The Hear After” with a sneak attack in the form of a 6 song EP called “Reveal The Secret” on BBE Records.


New Sneakers N Stuff 577's drop Oct 25th

The green pair are Sweeet!!!

They were supposed to drop in August. But unfortunately New Balance ran in to some trouble in their Flimby factory - pushing the release until the 25th of October. Once again Peter and Erik (the creative minds behind Sneakersnstuff) designed one 577 each, and utilized the highest quality suedes and leathers New Balance had. They will be worth the wait!

Price is set to 1099 SEK (about 155 US Dollars* and 120 Euro)

*If you live outside the EU, you won't have to pay local VAT giving the price 125 US Dollars.

image/info via sneakersnstuff

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Nike SB Dunk Low "Takashi 2"

As part of their October 2007 releases, Nike SB will be putting out later this month the Nike Dunk Low Premium SB "Takashi 2." Takashi Hosokawa designed this black leather, black suede sneaker with a metallic silver swoosh and accents. Also the Dunk Low features a laser floral pattern across the ankle/heel. Nike is really working the fall earth tones into their dunks this year. High quality material and a simple design that combine to make a nice sneaker.

Expect the Nike Dunk Low Premium SB "Takashi 2" to arrive at Nike SB retailers later this month.

pics via Highsnobiety

Prince Ali "Majors" video ft Keith Murray, Casual & Planet Asia

It is no secret that my favorite guest rapper of all time is Casual. I've said it over and over on the radio and in conversation. The guy always brings the heat when he works with another artist. I mean rewind quality, "how-did-he-do-that?" type heat!! His Hiero partner Domino has stated in an interview that it is the spirit of competition that gets Cas hype so it's only natural that he brings his hottest spit when working on somebody else's track. Now if we can just get Casual to bring that fire on an entire solo album!!! Of course Planet Asia and Keith Murray are no joke either. This track is a good look for Prince Ali.

Download "Majors"

and check my favorite Casual guest verse of all time. "Jaw Gymnastics" on Del's "Both Sides Of The Brain" album.

Download "Jaw Gymnastics"

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mind Altering Drugs???

This is not animated! It is an optical illusion. Very dope!
pic via INQMND

I'm also gonna drop this very strange track on you that is about as close as you can get to a heroin experience as you ever wanna get without all the withdrawal and over dose risk.

Download Glass Candy "Covered In Bugs"

Chromeo "Bonafide Lovin'" Video

Chromeo - “Bonafide Lovin’ (YouTube via Good Soul Department)

Chromeo’s new video for “Bonafide Lovin’” is an homage to 80's icons Dire Straights.

Dowload "Bonafied Lovin'" Sinden remix ft Kid Sister (kid sister rules!!) at Vice Records blog

Grayskul "Scarecrow" Video & remix

Grayskul's latest album "Bloody Radio" on Rhymesayers has been my favorite album of the fall. Everything comes together both conceptually for the album as well as from the perspective of dope flows and production. JFK is truly at the top of his game on the record and Onry is no slouch either. Old Dominion is definitely makin moves and Grayskul is right at the front of this Northwest crew. Here's the video for "Scarecrow."

Download "Scarecrow" the P.O.S. remix

Brother Ali "Take me Home" Video

Rhymesayer #1 drops a pretty cool concept video.

videos available at fifth element online

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

9th Wonder "Dream Merchant Vol 2" drops Oct. 10th

Here comes 9th Wonder's first "post-Little Brother" release. Looks a lot like his stuff before the split...
Big pooh is featured, as is a track with Little Brother. Why'd they break up again???

DOWNLOAD "Brooklyn In My Mind"
1 Mr. Dream Merchant Intro
2 Shots f/Big Dho & Sean Price
3 Merchant Of Dreams f/The EMBASSY, Skyzoo & Torae
4 Brooklyn In My Mind f/ Mos Def, Jean Grae & Memphis Bleek
5 Sunday f/Keisha Shontelle & Chaundon
6 Baking Soda f/Big Treal
7 Reminisce (Take Time) f/Big Remo & The Great Novej of the A.L.L.I.E.S.
8 No Time To Chill f/Little Brother
9 It Aint Over ft. Jozee Mo & Tyler Woods
10 The Last Time f/ Royce the 5′9, Naledge & Vandalyzm of the MIDWEST WRECKIN’ CREW- The D, The Chi & The Lou
11 Saved f/Saigon & Joe Scudda
12 Milky Lowa ft. Camp Lo
13 Backlash f/Sean Boog & Buckshot
14 Thank You f/ D.O.X & O-Dash
15 Let It Bang f/Ness & Skyzoo
16 What Makes A Man f/Rapper Big Pooh & Buddy Klein