Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Miscellaneous Chocolate "Make Some Noise" (Thrills Remix)

Miscellaneous Chocolate makes cool music. From Paramore to Will.I.Am to the Rocky theme song, nothing and nobody escapes his attention. Sick Bass and beats. Then along comes Thrills to remix his "Make some Noise" track! Bananas!!! Gonna play this out. A lot...

download: "Make Some Noise"Thrills remix
download: "Make Some Noise" original

Misc Chocolate also has a couple mixtapes available for download at his website so go over and check 'em out.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

S.P.F. At The Orpheum May 29th!!!

Starting Friday May 29th there is a new club night in Tampa. S.P.F. (superpartyfridays) is gonna be the craziest, sweatiest, awesomest night of the summer! It will feature Vox In Verse in their very first club residency alongside The FLA JAMMERS (DJs Rig & Lazy). Electro, fidget, b-more, club crushers, glitch hop, sleaze and anything awesome is the rule and there will be no exceptions and no excuses not too shake your asses off. All that combined with crazy tequila drink specials from the Orpheum and special guest DJs is gonna make this THE night to be at in Tampa. Go check out the S.P.F. myspace page and visit VOX IN VERSE'S page too.

I dropped a summer mix to get you all in the mood so go download it fools!!!
Stick it in yer MP3 player and rage!