Friday, December 14, 2007

Quasimoto Mixtape from DJ Troubl "A Journey Into Fresh Diggin'"

DJ Troubl presents "A Journey Into Fresh Diggin' (Quasimoto Meets Himself)". This is THE 73 minute mix of Madlib alter-ego Quasimoto put together by the 2002 ITF world beat juggling champ Dj Troubl.
It's a crate diggers dream with classic cuts by Lord Quas along with their original samples! This is a mixtape and not a Stone's Throw official release.

Download "A Journey Into Fresh Diggin'"

info via Analog Giant

Headnodic "Haven't U Heard" ft Sadat X & Scienz Of Life

Crown City Rockers member Headnodic teams up with The Great Dot X & Scienz of Life (Lil Sci & ID4 Windz) for this sweet single "Haven't U Heard." Now if it wasn't for the fact that Casual has the Cobra Clutch on my "World's Greatest Guest Emcee" title I would have to place Sadat X right at the top of the heap. Dude always drops lyrical gems when he rolls through on cat's tracks. I can't remember where I got this track from but it doesn't seem to be anywhere on the web currently so consider it an exclusive gem. Headnodic is a dope producer!!

OOPS! I removed this download because Headnodic isn't gonna be releasing this track 'till next year...but take my word for it, when it comes out it is gonna be FIRE!!!

Download "Haven't U Heard"