Friday, August 24, 2007

Format Releases Dope Wallpapers

I saw this on and had to repost it!

"Toronto’s Format Mag just released a HUGE series of downloadable wallpapers. The great selection features over 70 high quality artist, sneaker, and general designs by some of the best urban artists around, as well as a few of the latest up-and-comers. Headliners include: Stamp Rodeo; TLFI (who you may remember from a recent SpearTalks); a bunch of UNKL x Futura; and Bijules. That’s obviously just a teensy taste of the collection, so head on over to get your desktop some fresh and free lovin’."

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Remix a Sage Francis Track

There is currently a remix contest for a chance to be on Sage Francis upcoming remix album. Looks like Sage is trying to get some new producers. (via The Phila Flava Forum)

Here is what Sage wrote"

"Reanimator made the beat for the original version of the song, and I believe he mentioned to me that even he’d like to take a crack at doing a remix.

Here is the acapella:


The acapella fades out before the beat tempo switches at the end of the original song, and that’s so I can avoid a lot of headaches.

Here is the original song (to give you an idea as to where the vocals should be falling on the beat):


If you can’t figure out the BPM then this project might not be for you.

All submissions must be sent to by Sept 10th. The winner and top 3 remixes will be announced on Sept 11th.

The winner will be featured on the front page of and have the option of appearing on my remix album (2008.) But mainly, this is just an excuse to get some activity going in an effort to find untapped talent.

Best of luck!

Remember Remember the 11th of September."

-Sage Francis

E Reece is "A New Breed" of artist

So I promised earlier that I'd hit you up about this cat E Reece.
His new album is called "A New Breed" and if you've been buggin' out over the new Common, and the new Talib Kweli, and Pharoahe Monche's latest album then I suggest you get onto this kid right now! Not a lotta marketing and promotion just a lotta skill, heart, & soul.

The soul music foundation is deep on this album. Most especially on the track "Everything," produced by Leggo. E Reece is based in L.A. but his roots go back to the East coast and you can feel it in his flow. Reece works soulful smoothed out tracks like "Get Into It" without letting the vibe dissolve into simple head nodding. This stuff can definitely get the ladies dancin'. And right about the time you started thinkin' that he was just another smoothed out jazz cat he hits you with bangers like "Never Mind That," and "The Get Up" (a track that makes me think of Purple Rain era Prince). In years to come this is gonna be one of those artists that everybody name checks. A West coast Spit kicker with East coast cred. Check him out now and get on the band wagon early. You won't be disappointed.

Go cop the album!

Download "Everything"

Download "The Get Up"