Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nike Air Force 1 Running Pack Hybird

A nice pack of AF1 sneakers is on the way. Here is another set of hybrid Air Force 1 x Air Max & ACG series.

Safari Air Force 1 is no longer only a pair of SBTG custom as it also included in the Running Pack that would release next year. Besides, 2 more Air Forces also inspired by ACG series, Mowabb and Air Wildwood. Air Force 1 x Air Max 97 is also available to have a full length Air Max sole.

I really like the cement design and the elephant design on the first two and the red sole on the third sneaker is pretty cool too. I'm also feelin the material and color combos on the second shoe. That blue is pretty sweet.

Nike buys Umbro for over half a billion!!

In a move that will probably interest my man Mudd, my boss Tony and DJ Rig, among others, it appears that Nike is buying UMBRO for $580 million.
I got the info over at Kix-files go over there for the full article. I can't think of a single kid who played soccer that didn't have or want a pair of Umbro shorts. The coolest pro teams all wore 'em. Nike is just takin' over everything I guess.

New Balance x AVENJ Sean D ‘Anconia M574

Finally we see a release for this awesome sneaker!! . After Josh Wisdumb and Eric Haze, New Balance continues their artist collaboration series, and gets together this time with
Sean D ‘Anconia of Her Majesty’s Secret Studios. The shoe pays homage to 70’s grindhouse cinema using a collage of the icons of the era: streets of Harlem to the skyscrapers of Hong Kong, from Yakuza to KungFu. The details on the sneaker are just incredible. My favorite is the felt on the afro. You can't get a much cooler shoe design than this!

It has been released at Atmos Tokyo.

Wu-Tang Clan Leak "Take It Back"

Looks like the Wu-Tang Clan miscommunication with Ghostface has been figured out. The Clan's latest album will be released on 12/11 one week after Ghost's newest effort. And all is well with the Clan...

Download "Take it Back"