Thursday, October 8, 2009

B.C. Drops "Time Pieces pt 1 Time Capsule" EP Oct. 13

Combining complex metaphor, time travel, scintillating lyrical gymnastics, anime, radical politics and an apocryphal-dystopian comic book aesthetic, Red Tide member and Florida MC, BC, The Black Child, delivers his solo debut, the first of a three part conceptual album, "Time Pieces."
"Time Pieces" is a temporal travelogue, a sonic cultural history, and a riveting manifesto about Pop World, told by a dark messenger from the future, stranded in time, and compelled to deliver a grim warning about what is coming. From the fetid gutters of the ruined surface to the gleaming hover cars of the elite class, nothing has escaped the singular vision of the chrono-archeologist. But can his frantic, coded messages be delivered and translated in time? Like a stone skipping across the pond of history each warning ripples out, sometimes scrambled, often difficult to decipher. A harbinger, without a home, out of time, can his message be heard...

The concept for "Time Pieces" has been incubating in the rhyme book of BC for some time now. Its first chapter, "Time Capsule" finally came to fruition this year (2009) in a time when it couldn't be more relevant. "Time Capsule" serves as the skeleton for BC's imaginary Pop World which will be fleshed out in chapters 2 and 3, "The Surface" and "The Sky." The production on "Time Capsule" was mainly done by a cast of collaborators from BC's home town of Tampa, Florida. Mudd Buddha, Vincent Saletto, and Red Tide member Lazy all contributed to the tracks that give the EP its otherworldly sound. Lyrically the EP features strong cameos by former Florida MC Surreal (Surreal and the Sound Providers) and Red Tide founding member, Skoolz; however, its most outstanding feature is on the song "Ode to Gil Scott-Heron" on which poet/MC Saul Williams delivers a powerful second verse. Other outstanding tracks include "This is Not a Song," with its fast paced delivery combined with social commentary, and "Pop World" the eerie vision of BC's future planet. "Time Pieces” Pt. 1 “Time Capsule" releases on Peripheral Records, October 13, 2009. It will be available digitally through Domination Records, CD Baby, ITunes, Amazon, and most other digital outlets. CDs will be available through
Stay tuned for remixes from: B.Rich, Thavius Beck, Mum's the Word, Mochipet, Aetoms, Bomarr, Matt B, & Soultech

Download: "This Is Not A Song"