Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Electronic Blog "Boards of Electronica"

I ran across a pretty cool blog last night.

Boards Of Electronica

The blog is either French or French Canadian but either way it's chock full of older electronic and techno music. Real cool stuff too. Like Aphex Twin 12"s that he dropped under a myriad of psuedonyms. Some cool Richie Hawtin (aka Plastikman) stuff. The KLF ambient album. Luke Vibert, Speedy J, Venetian Snares, Spacetime Continuum... the list goes on. He obviously has the original pressings on many of these as he includes pics of the 12"s with all the production and label info. The record collector geek in me loves that kinda thing! Go over & check it out. Definitely worth a bit of your time if you're a fan of the older techno stuff. My only complaint is tht he uses rapidshare and I don't wanna join up to download tracks. I use zshare and have never been unhappy with it.