Friday, November 9, 2007

Witchdoctor "The Diary Of An American Witchdoctor"

This is quite simply one of my favorite tracks of the fall. Witchdoctor is back with a vengeance!! Now we just need a Dungeon Fam reunion album!!
"The Barrel," featuring The Wheeler Brothers, is on Witchdoctor's recently released LP "The Diary Of An American Witchdoctor."
This is another in the recent line of tracks that owe a little somethin' to Trance music. Like B.O.B.'s "Haterz" and everything that Timbaland is doin' lately, "The Barrel" relies heavily on electronic and most specifically trance production techniques and sounds.
A while back I posted up a track with Witchdoctor and the Cunninlynguists called "Yellow Lines" that took me straight back to the early days of the Dungeon Family. This track proves that it isn't just about nostalgia. Witchdoctor is as vital now as he ever was ten years ago.
He just wrapped the "Adult Swim Tour" with Ghostface Killah, and he's getting national attention from publications like Rolling Stone, and now SOHH . Don't sleep on this cat!!

Download "The Barrel"

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Jeezy "National Anthem" produced by Chops!?!!

I could not care any less than I already do about Jeezy. Mad typical and boring to me. However I am a loyal supporter of my man Chops. Formerly of the Mountain Brothers and one of the hottest producers in the underground for years, Chops is finally makin' major moves with mainstream artists. I'm not one of these cats who starts dissin' an artist who I used to like just because they're makin the move into more mainstream work. I'm still a fan and am happy that Chops is gettin' some shine and some green. So here is a brand new Jeezy track with Chops on production. Even Jeezy sounds better with Chops!!! haha

Download "National Anthem"

The JB Classics DC Shoes Collaboration

Pushing the envelope. Breaking barriers. Shaking up the system.
DC Shoes and JB Classics have done it in Spades! The first ever dual company shoe collaboration. A marketing approach that rivals the creativity of "The Blair Witch Project" a decade ago (check the video here). Hype for a shoe has not been this heavy in a long time. Now take into account that this is a project by two independent companies. Not Nike, not Adidas or Puma. You gotta respect the hustle and even more, you gotta respect the shoe!! Hella tight design and concept!!

more pics via highsnobiety

JB Classics x DJ Funkmaster Flex x Ford

I'm a fan of JB Classics. Not a fanatic necessarily (I reserve that for my New Balance obsession) but I appreciate the moves they make in an industry dominated by billion dollar multi-national corporations. Two sneakers drop in this 3 way collaboration. One with Funk Master Flex (the over hyped and under talented NYC DJ...and as I call him a DJ every real DJ on the planet cringes), and the other with one of those multi-national corporations i was just referring to, Ford.

I prefer the Ford colorway from an overall design perspective (the classic Ford Blue is really sweet), but there is somethin' about the FMF colors that really draws the eye. The lime green and blue just really work well together in this shoe, especially with the red laces and speckled mid-sole. Crazy colors on both and I always like the JB "fruity pebbles" sole.

Like all the special projects from JB Classics, the FMF shoe is packaged with two sets of laces, is individually numbered, and comes with a Certificate of Ownership and cinch bag. Limited to 240 pairs worldwide! Looks like the Ford version will not be available for sale at all...what's up with that?!?

more pics via Highsnobiety

New Balance 574 hybrid

New Balance collaborates with Japanese store Another Edition and the outcome is certainly interesting. Based on the New Balance 574 the sneaker has been remixed into a boot. A sock continues out of the sneaker. The lining of the sneaker is the same that you also find on the box.

This is a pretty crazy lookin' shoe (boot I guess). Not exactly my favorite but it's always nice to see New Balance droppin' something interesting for the ladies.