Friday, November 23, 2007

WOW! Busta is really full of himself!

This is via
"Hip-Hop "superstar" Busta Rhymes and popular DJ Mick Boogie are releasing a new online mixtape titled "Dillagence," in honor of late producer James "J. Dilla" Yancy. According to Rhymes, "Dillagence" will feature exclusive unreleased J. Dilla songs produced for Busta Rhymes that have never seen the light of day. Busta Rhymes and J. Dilla started working together as far back as 1996, when the famed producer remixed Rhymes' hit single "Woo-Hah!!" "When Mick brought this concept to the table, I felt the timing was right. Dilla left so much incredible music behind with me personally," Busta Rhymes told in a statement. "It’s almost like he knew I was a vessel for him, and would be able to continue to champion his movement."

Please, please, please leave the legacy and memory of J. Dilla alone!!! Trying to get shine off a dead underground hero who you basically ignored for YEARS! Is just cold, callous, and sadly typical of the music industry. Where was Busta with all his money and industry connects when Dilla was alive and needed medical help? Where was he when Dilla's mom coulda used the financial support immediately after his death? A "vessel"!?!?! gimme a fuckin' break!
That being said, here is a leaked track from the mixtape. I hope they don't make one thin dime off this shit.

Busta Rhymes "Step Up"