Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jern Eye & Headnodic "Infinity Gems" EP

I initially slept on this.  but that doesn't mean that you should!
Lunar Heights frontman,  Jern Eye has teamed up with producer Headnodic (Crown City Rockers/Mighty Underdogs) to deliver their brand new collaborative EP, Infinity Gems, a six-track project that finds the duo attempting to recapture an era in hip-hop when each song was so finely crafted it could be considered a jewel.
Headnodic handles all of Infinity Gem‘s production work and Jern lays down the vocals in addition to guest artists One.Be.Lo, Nightclubber Lang, Roc C, Khai Sharrieff, Kewl Chris and Ms. K, with DJ Icewater supplying the cuts on Ruckus.

download it: Infinity Gems

Kito & Reija Lee- Sweet Talk EP Out Now!

this is definitely worth a listen! Kito is one of the nicest producers doin it right now.
Kito & Reija Lee- Sweet Talk EP Out Now!