Thursday, July 9, 2009

Funkghost "Vintage Futuristic" Video

6th annual EMRG+N+SEE Festival

The 6th annual EMRG+N+SEE Festival pulls together some of the brightest lights in the live and electronic music scene. This years internationally recognized headliners include: Flying Lotus, Daedelus, Plastician, Blockhead, SeanHayes, Gift of Gab (of Blackalicious), Lazer Sword, Random Rab, Tycho, Mochipet and many more premier music producers doing their body-moving wizardry live. The festival also showcases art installations from regional sculptors, digital artists and painters,transformational workshops, organic food vendors and a marketplace featuring independently produced boutique clothing and accessories. It all takes place July 17th-20th in Macleay, Oregon, 45 minutes south of Portland. Pre-sale tickets are available online through the festival website, InTicketing and select physical locations in Oregon. See Festival website for details:

Daedelus is an experimental music producer based out of LA. Daedelus pioneered using the Monome in conjunction with Max/MSP for live performances. LAZER SWORD is a SF-based live electronic act and production duo at the forefront of an emerging sound fusing anything from rap, electro, dub- step, and grime together to form a new kind of club experience. Blockhead is a Hip hop producer based in Manhattan. Aside from his solo efforts released on Ninja Tune, he is most associated with producing beats for AesopRock and others on Definitive Jux. The Bounce brigade is Freak Funk and Danger Russ. Freak Funk brings the Crunk/Funk whomp to the live melodic/harmonic journey that is Danger Russ to create a new style of booty shaken Beats. Chip Chop is a live production and percussion duo featuring Portland-based producer Graintable and Lake Tahoe, CA producer/drummer AD/AM. The two grind together filthy synth noises, sub shaking basses, and back breaking drum patterns to create a glitched out bass heavy massacre that ignites dancefloors and melts faces! danger russ is the combination of live, acoustic, electronic, jazz, world music (ethnic), and soul. Anahata Sound creates soundscapes of heartfelt eclectica, drawing from diverse international influences. The Great Mundane’s twisting textures, catchy drum whips, and unique soundscapes leave us with a melodic collage that is unlike anything we’ve heard before. Portland-based saQi creates eclectic electronica that maintains a balance between organic and synthetic sound. Uprise is a Live PA duo headed by musician/producer and budding DJ, Paul Knight. Uprise began as a solo laptop project, with the addition of live drumming and heavy synth Bass guitar combined with melodic rhythmic textures and samples creates a serious live set.

Download Sampler: EMRG+N+SEE