Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Statik Selektah "Spell My Name Right" drops Nov 6th

Boston DJ/Producer Statik Selektah is dropping his new album "Spell My Name Right" Tuesday Nov. 6th on Brick Records. The album features a bonified who’s who in Hip Hop from underground celebs like Termanology and Esoteric to legends like Kool G Rap, KRS-One, AG and Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest to the hottest of today’s rising stars like Mims, Uncle Murder & Joell Ortiz. “Spell My Name Right (The Album) has something for everyone...street anthems "G Shit (Showoff Mix)", underground bangers "Did What We Had To Do", straight battle raps "Time To Say Goodbye" and even a the long forgotten DJ song "No Mistakes Allowed". East to left coast ALL the big dogs show up for this one. All production by Statik Selektah.

Here is a posse cut featuring Joell Ortiz, Kool G Rap, & Sheek Louch

Download "6 In The Morning"

Photek "Love War" LA RIOTS remix

Photek is one of my favorite drum and bass producers. Since the decline of that genre into repetitive trite fuckery he has taken to 4x4 house rhythms and other projects. I am still, however, a loyal fan and find myself enjoying his production regardless of genre distinctions. This is a remix by "it" producers and blog darlings LA RIOTS.

Download "Love War"
Download "Ni Ten Ichi Ryu"

Nike Summer '08 Dunk SB “720 Degrees”

Previously revealed in the Nike SB Summer 2008 catalog, now we got more information about its story behind. It is inspired by the first skateboarding arcade game, 720 Degrees, manufactured by Atari Games in 1986.

720 Degrees, or 720°, is a 1986 arcade game by Atari Games. 720°, a skateboarding game, is notable in that it is the first extreme sports video game, and has a unique timed structure that requires the player score points in order to keep the game going. The game’s name comes from the “ultimate” trick, turning a full 720° (two complete circles) in the air after jumping off a ramp. 720° has the player controlling a skateboarder ripping around a middle-class neighborhood. By doing jumps and tricks, the player can eventually acquire enough points to compete at a skate park.

pics & info via kix-files

Californication season finale shits in my mouth!!

Let me be perfectly clear here. The season finale to the Showtime Series "Californication" was the second biggest piece of shit on television this year! (I mean c'mon, nothin' can really touch "Viva Laughlin.")

I wanna be even more clear. I loved this show! I told friends about it. I was entertained each week by Hank's sexual exploits that served to mask his deep sorrow. Each of his hedonistic escapades only served to weave him into a tighter web of deceit and self loathing. The duality of a character who both yearns for and draws back in revulsion from middle class values and ideals was priceless. A man too intelligent to ignore his own pain and ineptitude but too ignorant to avoid it. I bit the bullet and was this close to feeling like I could call David Duchovny talented and watchable. Two traits he had nimbly stutter stepped and straight armed like a Heisman trophy winner to avoid in his career up to this point. Well I guess I shouldn't have rushed to judgment, because the final episode and most particularly the final scene of the show flushed it all down the toilet. Any realistic (and intriguingly funny) assessment of the human condition as one goes through grief and despair was kicked right in the nuts by the infantile, teenage boy fantasy that served as the show's culmination. All is right with the world?!!? Everything's all better because Hank acted mature for 15 seconds?!?! Gimme a fuckin break! What narcissistic, puerile daydream did I stumble into? How could a show with so much going for it have taken such a turn???