Monday, September 10, 2007

Kid Robot & Lacoste collabo

Kidrobot and Lacoste have created a small collaborative collection of sneakers. They are limited to 500 pairs and each come with a matching toy, created by eBoy and Kidrobot. Kidrobot added their own flavor to the sneakers and instead of just choosing colors, they added some of their most popular patterns from their clothing line to the shoes. I don't know how I feel about the actual shoes. I love the design elements and Kid Robot is un-fuk-witable on the colors and patterns. But the shoe itself has gotta be wearable and I'm still not sure if that is the case with these. My favorite is the purple and black one with the blue sole. Besides the toys, the shoes also come with custom inner soles and 3M reflective material, something Lacoste has not tried on their sneakers until now.

Pics Via Sneaker Freaker.

The sneakers will hit all Kidrobot stores (including the new one coming to Miami this fall) some time in November.

Willie The Kid & La The Darkman "Invisible Rules"

I don't know, does La The Darkman really get calls from Supreme in federal prison??? Seems like more and more Pimp C is speakin' the truth about all these rappers lyin' about what they do or did in the drug game. I thought "real killers moved in silence"...

whatever, the track is pretty bangin' and fits in nicely with the Wu-Tang Clan single down below.

50 Cent In Paris!?!

I don't know where Nah Right got the MTV VMA pictures from so fast but this shit is really funny!!

First he gives her the cash...

Then she gives him the...

Prostitution is legal in Las Vegas but I guess what happens in Vegas doesn't STAY in Vegas anymore. hahahaha!

ENTER SHIKARI (or - The English do Screamo?!)

Enter Shikari (MySpace), a London-based quartet that Tony Wilson hailed as "the most exciting band I've seen since the early Sex Pistols gigs back in '76/'77."


The tracks are engrossing because you can hear these really disparate influences in the music that are just totally unexpected in, for instance, an American Screamo outfit. Weird old school rave melodic lines, Van Halen synths from the "1984," album (especially "Jump")and other odd bits abound to make this really interesting, and genre defying, stuff. I don't know why but I hear Coheed and Cambria in the vocals just a very little bit (especially in"Sorry You're Not Winner"). Plus it's kinda funny to hear the gut screaming and sudden crooning mixed together with an English accent!