Friday, November 30, 2007

New Balance 820

New Balance offers a nod to the concrete and elephant textures being released by Nike lately. I like to see New Balance branching out and doing something streetwear related with a different silhouette. We see so many 574s and 1400s. This 820 is a welcome change. Hopefully they do more with this.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Victim X Mita X New Balance 574

For the second time this year Japanese brand Victim, Mita Sneakers and New Balance get together to work on a collaborative sneaker. This time they worked on the 574 and it was just released in two colorways.

The sneaker comes in a beige colorway and a black colorway. In both cases the upper is entirely covered in premium suede and even the inner lining comes in premium leathers. Only the golden tongue tag and the Victim signature on the inner sole, distract from the otherwise simplistic sneaker.

A very nice and solid collaboration. It has just been released at Mita Sneakers.

"3 The Hard Way" New Balance Pack MT580

The latest Undefeated x Stussy x Real Mad Hectic New Balance MT580's. The new pack consists of three sneakers, and is overall inspired by the 1970's movie "3 The Hard Way". Each sneaker is named after a different member of the cast of the movie, Jimmy, Freddy, & Kelly. This is not the first New Balance collaboration these three brands have released together. The on-going project always has something special waiting for you. The Stussy X New Balance X Undefeated collaboration is consistently one of the most highly anticipated and critically praised, releases. This latest collabo promises more of the same.

In this pack you find both the more subtle brown and black/gold colorways, as well as a more bright yellow colorway. Something for everybody. The Undefeated lace locks and logos of all three brands on the inner sole are a nice finish. Expect these to release soon in Japan. Pic via AltSnkr.

Documentary To Be Released On The Good Life Cafe in L.A.

A documentary on The Good Life Cafe ??? COOL!!! Well it looks like the film is done and ready to hit the film festival circuit. No trailer available yet but the official site is under construction and the mysp*ce page is open for friendlies.

THIS IS THE LIFE is a feature-length documentary that chronicles “The Good Life” emcees, the alternative music movement they developed, and their worldwide influence on the artform.

Featuring new interviews with: Myka Nyne and PEACE of Freestyle Fellowship, Chali2na and Cut Chemist of Jurassic 5, NgaFsh, Riddlore, Tray-Loc & Wreckless of CVE, Abstract Rude and Zulu Butterfly of ATU, Ellay Khule of Hip Hop Klan, Medusa of S.I.N, Born Allah, Gangah K, Fatjack, JMD, Omid, Pigeon John, 2Mex of OMD, Jyant & Eve of Figures of Speech, T-Love of Urban Props, Sheena Lester & B+ of Rappages, Mear One, Mike Nardone of KXLU’s We Came From Beyond, Garth Trinidad of KCRW’s Chocolate City, Monalisa Murray, Jah Orah, Hines, Busdriver, Monique Matthews, Keen and B. Hall & R. Kain Blaze, co-founders of The Good Life.

Directed by Ava DuVernay

Coming to a Film Festival Near You in 2008

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Warwick Beat Science Presents: "The Push EP"

It's a well kept secret (unfortunately) that the Tampa Bay area is home to a gang of talented hip hop artists. For the most part, the world at large hears very little from these cats. However, over the course of the last few years, there has been some noise bubblin' outta Tampa. Celph Titled has probably made the most impact with projects from The Demigodz, Army Of The Pharoahs, Jedi Mind Tricks, Apathy, Boss Hog Barbarians, & Fort Minor to name just a few. In addition, Surreal has appeared on the CMJ charts with his collaborations with DJ Balance and The Sound Providers, as well as appearances with Braille, Othello, Ohmega Watts and others. Sadly both these talented artists had to leave Tampa to make a name for themselves. Lately, artists like Breakdown, Laws, Eyeznpowa, The Rukus, Dutchmassive, Majik Most, The Basiqs and others have started to be heard outside of the Bay and their voices will hopefully reverberate back so Tampa can finally get some much deserved shine.

Now I say all of that to say this, in an effort to blow up the spot for Tampa, my man DJ Ran Mecca has recently released an amazing EP! It's called "Warwick Beat Science Presents: The Push EP." I cannot praise this project enough. The entire EP is produced by Ran Mecca and features Tampa Bay emcees from start to finish. If you're a fan of Stone's Throw Records, Madlib, J. Dilla, Black Milk, or Platinum Pied Pipers then this EP is for you. If you like dope and dusty beats and well chopped and placed samples then this EP is for you. If you love dope cuts then this EP is for you. If you are a human who breathes oxygen and hears sounds then THIS EP IS FOR YOU!!!!

If you can't tell I'm pretty hyped about this release and if you ever check this blog or listen to my radio show then I assume you generally respect my opinion. If you do then please do yourself a favor and download the ENTIRE EP FOR FREE and pass it on to a friend. That's right, Kicks-N-Jams is making the entire EP available to you for free. Bump it in your ride, your cubicle at work. Blast it from your desk in the library at school. You will not be disappointed. I promise.

Download "The Push EP"

New Balance X 24Kilates X New Era "Gaudi Pack"

24 Kilates recently joined forces with New Balance and with New Era to create a range of products that not only represent the philosophy of the store, but also represent Barcelona as a city. This first part of the project has been inspired by the Spanish artist and architect Gaudi. Both the New Balance 1700 and the New Era cap that resulted in this project show the connection to Gaudi's work at first site.

24 Kilates is one of the most iconic streetwear stores in Barcelona and probably all of Spain. In little time the store has built a great reputation and solid customer base. During Bread & Butter Barcelona, the store is host to industry parties, gallery shows and get togethers.

Of course it will be available at 24 Kilates, there will be 144 pairs made, the shoes will come with cleaning and protection products, to finish the pack there also will be a new era cap available. They are working on a few other things, the New Balance will get a follow up and I will keep you posted about that.
pics via highsnobiety

Monday, November 26, 2007

New Balance Camo Reflective 576

I've been seeing these in the sample picks throughout '07 and they are finally here. The New Balance 576 Camo Reflective. New Balance presents a 576 with the toe box covered in 3M Silver material, giving it a reflective feature. That mixed with the black premium suede makes for a nice combination. I think the white stitching on the tongue and suede really sets off the shoe as well. Via Sneaker Freaker.

Friday, November 23, 2007

WOW! Busta is really full of himself!

This is via
"Hip-Hop "superstar" Busta Rhymes and popular DJ Mick Boogie are releasing a new online mixtape titled "Dillagence," in honor of late producer James "J. Dilla" Yancy. According to Rhymes, "Dillagence" will feature exclusive unreleased J. Dilla songs produced for Busta Rhymes that have never seen the light of day. Busta Rhymes and J. Dilla started working together as far back as 1996, when the famed producer remixed Rhymes' hit single "Woo-Hah!!" "When Mick brought this concept to the table, I felt the timing was right. Dilla left so much incredible music behind with me personally," Busta Rhymes told in a statement. "It’s almost like he knew I was a vessel for him, and would be able to continue to champion his movement."

Please, please, please leave the legacy and memory of J. Dilla alone!!! Trying to get shine off a dead underground hero who you basically ignored for YEARS! Is just cold, callous, and sadly typical of the music industry. Where was Busta with all his money and industry connects when Dilla was alive and needed medical help? Where was he when Dilla's mom coulda used the financial support immediately after his death? A "vessel"!?!?! gimme a fuckin' break!
That being said, here is a leaked track from the mixtape. I hope they don't make one thin dime off this shit.

Busta Rhymes "Step Up"

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Since I'm posting about some New Balance shoes today I'll drop another release on ya. This here has gotten little or no attention (as far as I can tell) from any of the major sneaker blogs but it's an extremely hot shoe. Maybe I just missed it when folks were covering the release but that's hard for me to believe as my New Balance obsession makes it a priority that I check for NBs on a daily basis.
This is a release that I saw over at Atmos Tokyo. A New Balance 1500 limited edition Black & Burgundy. What is sweet about this sneaker is the sole. Check it out below. Nice textures, materials and colors all add up to a shoe that I really wanna get my feet into!

Atmos x New Balance x Porter Buffalo Check Collection 574s

After releasing the Atmos x Levis BUFFALO CHECK series, here comes another collaboration of the Atmos BUFFALO CHECK. Atmos is, as usual, quite active with their collaborations and have just started previewing their latest one, a three-way project together with New Balance and Porter. These New Balance M574J will release in Japan on December 8th.
Please check more info and pics on atmos.

The Buffalo Check Collection consists of two New Balance 574's and two Porter bags. The 574's come with an upper made up of plaid and a fur like suede. They come in a black and a brown colorway. Atmos also got together with Porter to create matching bags, a Boston bag and a Day Bag.

I would consider this a "collectors only" kinda release. The colorways and wild mixture of materials guarantees that nobody outside of serious New balance collectors is gonna pick this one up. That being said, I am, of course, very excited about the release.

Monday, November 19, 2007

"Duffle Bag Boy" Joell Ortiz remix is carazzzyy

Seriously! Seriously! Joell is a talented mufucker! I'm gonna give credit to Sonny Cracka for turning me on to the original Playaz Circle "Duffle Bag Boy" track featuring Lil' Wayne. This version sees Joell rhyming over the track about his experiences in the drug game. What is really sweet about this version is singer Novel doin' Wayne's chorus in a Curtis Mayfield-esque style. Check the nod to Prince in the chorus too! (ILL!!!!) Ortiz has lyrical skill for days (and days!!!) and it is all on display on this track. DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS ONE!

Download "Duffle Bag Boy" Joell Ortiz remix
Download "Duffle Bag Boy" original version

Atmosphere "Sad Clown Bad Fall" 10

One of the first tracks that Kicks-n-Jams ever dropped on you little monsters was an Atmosphere, tour-only, track from "Sad Clown Bad Summer." And as an aside, lemme tell you I was really excited that it got about twenty downloads. For a new blogger i felt like that was a lot! haha!
Well Ant & Slug are back for the Fall with "Sad Clown Bad Fall." More limited release niceness from the Atmosphere boys for your listening enjoyment. Consider it an appetizer while they put the finishing touches on their 6th studio album, "When Life Gives You Lemons..." which is due early next year.

Usually these tracks are available ON TOUR and ONLINE ONLY...but, since Rhymesayers loves you so much they've made a version of the EP, available for download here!!!

Download "Lyndale Avenue User's Manual"
Download "Peyote"

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bullion mixes The Beach Boys & J. Dilla "Pet Sounds: In the Key Of Dee"

Following in the footsteps of Dangermouse, London producer Bullion has taken his sample inspiration from two very different sources for this free remix album Pet Sounds: In the Key of Dee. Now I am the first to admit that I was never really feelin' anything other than the idea of mixing two really disparate artists into a cohesive project. Dangermouse had a great "idea" but the actual music was largely uninteresting and unlistenable after the initial surprise. Many other so-called producers have attempted similar concoctions to varying degrees of success. Mostly the mixes are tepid at best. My favorite has been the JJ Brown mixes of Ludacris & The Jackson 5 and his upcoming Hall & Oates X Gym Class heroes mash-up.

Now along comes Bullion and he really delivers a stellar project for this (can I call it a burgeoning) genre. Using samples from the great 1966 Beach Boys album, Pet Sounds and J Dilla’s repetoire, Bullion has created something wholly unique and refreshing. It’s not a mashup album as he is at pains to point out, but it does mix samples from these two artists to great effect. The ultimate kudos must go to Bullion however, who spliced and diced these samples with his own superb production.

You can download the album for free on his MySpace page. Savour it and remember if you ever want to get a hip hop kid into the Beach Boys, this is where to start.

Hi-Tek "My Piano" ft Ghostface & Raekwon

Is it me or are members of the Wu just straight BLAZIN' tracks all over the place lately?

This is off of Hi-Tek's album "Hi-Teknology 3" which will be in stores December 11th on Babygrande Records.

Download "My Piano"

You can pick up the album here.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Captured By Robots at the orpheum in Tampa

Captured! By Robots will be doing their 7 year retrospective on the Bush presidency, entitled...

THE "DUB-YA" Fall Tour 2007
with special guest sets by
radio reset
and more!!

8pm doors
$8 & $9 under 21

If you know the Captured! By Robots story then I know you'll be at the show

If you don't know... shame on you!

this is one of the most entertaining live ( as live as robots get! ) shows that you will see all year!!!

check out Robots Videos to get a glimpse into the Robot

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ghostface "Barrel Brothers" ft Styles P & Beanie Sigel

Ghostface's new album is on it's way very soon and if this track is any indicator it is gonna be a scorcher!

Download "Barrel Brothers"

Pick up the album "Big Dough Rehab"on December 4th.

New Balance x WoodWood 670

New Balance has definitely gotten more active in the collaboration game. This time they got together with brand/shop WoodWood. WoodWood worked on the New Balance 670, gave it a blue/purple suede upper and an orange lining.

The sneaker is "Made in UK" and will be released December 1st at the WoodWood store in Copenhagen, the WoodWood online store and at Colette. The New Balance x WoodWood 670 is limited to 96 pairs worldwide! Via Loglife.

The Faculty "Feel it" Jake One remix ft DJ Romes

Just got some new music from Oxnard, CA's The Faculty featuring production by Jake One. This is the second single off of their debut album "Phar From Home," which is IN STORES and on iTunes now.

Download "Feel It" remix

This single comes hot on the heels of their first single "He's Mine," Kicks-n-jams is excited to leak this new remix featuring DJ Romes (Lootpack) on the cuts.

Stacy Epps "Skin" ft Madlib

Stacy Epps' soulful voice and skillful rhyme style has propelled her into collaborations with Madlib, MF Doom, Jneiro Jarel, Oh No and more. She's a seasoned artists who I was first introduced to during her collaboration with Lil Sci of Scienz Ov Life called, Sol Uprising. Stacy has also released a solo album, "Ruff Drafts". Expect to hear more of Stacy Epps on her upcoming album, "The Awaking."

"Skin" ft. Madlib on JapaNubia Musik

Chromeo "Tenderoni" Kid Sister on the remix

Just to reinforce my love for all things Kid Sister here is a Sinden remix of "Tenderoni" by Chromeo that features a verse from the Chi-town mistress of ceremonies herself, Kid Sister!!

Hopefully this will serve to feed your own growing fascination with her as well.


Download "Tenderoni" ft Kid Sister

Monday, November 12, 2007

Peaches & Tone Loc "Wild Thing" remix '07

Tone Loc & Peaches on the remix of "Wild Thing"?!?!?!

That's just crazy right?

Delicious vinyl is releasing a remix album in '08 and here is the first leak for all the kids to get down to.

Download "Wild Thing"

and pick up the album from Delicious Vinyl when that shit drops!

New Balance 574 "Transportation Pack" Drops Nov. 17th

Here comes a New Balance release that I posted about a month or two ago here.

New Balance is about to release an exciting new set, the "Transportation Pack." It consists of three 574's and celebrates the different transportation channels used by the brand to ensure the arrival of their product on time.

The M574 "Sea" is dominated by brown colors on the upper and features nautical charts printed on the upper as well. The tongues tag shows an anchor and the on the back heel they embroidered a cargo ship.

The M574 "Air" comes in colors reminding us of UPS. Also they printed air charts on the sneaker, added an aviation logo tag on the tongue and of course embroidered an airplane on the back heel.

The M574 "Land" comes with a gray suede upper, which stands for the road. Road maps are printed on the shoe as well. Tongue tab logo shows interstate signs and heel tab features a cargo container truck.

Each sneaker is limited to 574 pairs worldwide and each sneaker is individually numbered on the tongue. The New Balance 574 Tranportation Pack is supposed to launch November 17th. I'm gonna seriously keep my eyes open for this one!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

New Balance Hybrid 574

In Japan New Balance is getting ready to release some interesting new sneakers. Mita will be releasing these New Balance 574 hybrids in the beginning of December. The mid sneakers come in two multicolor versions. These are some crazy colors and the shoe reminds me of a boot more than a sneaker but it is still pretty hot lookin'.

more pics via Highsnobiety.

New Balance "Canvas Pack" 576

New Balance returns to a much more "classic" style with this Purple 576. For Spring 2008 they present the Canvas Pack. Here is the purple 576 that is part of the pack. A nice mix of canvas and suede accents make this a solid sneaker. Other colors will follow.

Pic via Sneaker Freaker.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Witchdoctor "The Diary Of An American Witchdoctor"

This is quite simply one of my favorite tracks of the fall. Witchdoctor is back with a vengeance!! Now we just need a Dungeon Fam reunion album!!
"The Barrel," featuring The Wheeler Brothers, is on Witchdoctor's recently released LP "The Diary Of An American Witchdoctor."
This is another in the recent line of tracks that owe a little somethin' to Trance music. Like B.O.B.'s "Haterz" and everything that Timbaland is doin' lately, "The Barrel" relies heavily on electronic and most specifically trance production techniques and sounds.
A while back I posted up a track with Witchdoctor and the Cunninlynguists called "Yellow Lines" that took me straight back to the early days of the Dungeon Family. This track proves that it isn't just about nostalgia. Witchdoctor is as vital now as he ever was ten years ago.
He just wrapped the "Adult Swim Tour" with Ghostface Killah, and he's getting national attention from publications like Rolling Stone, and now SOHH . Don't sleep on this cat!!

Download "The Barrel"

and you can pick up the album at and other retail spots

Jeezy "National Anthem" produced by Chops!?!!

I could not care any less than I already do about Jeezy. Mad typical and boring to me. However I am a loyal supporter of my man Chops. Formerly of the Mountain Brothers and one of the hottest producers in the underground for years, Chops is finally makin' major moves with mainstream artists. I'm not one of these cats who starts dissin' an artist who I used to like just because they're makin the move into more mainstream work. I'm still a fan and am happy that Chops is gettin' some shine and some green. So here is a brand new Jeezy track with Chops on production. Even Jeezy sounds better with Chops!!! haha

Download "National Anthem"

The JB Classics DC Shoes Collaboration

Pushing the envelope. Breaking barriers. Shaking up the system.
DC Shoes and JB Classics have done it in Spades! The first ever dual company shoe collaboration. A marketing approach that rivals the creativity of "The Blair Witch Project" a decade ago (check the video here). Hype for a shoe has not been this heavy in a long time. Now take into account that this is a project by two independent companies. Not Nike, not Adidas or Puma. You gotta respect the hustle and even more, you gotta respect the shoe!! Hella tight design and concept!!

more pics via highsnobiety

JB Classics x DJ Funkmaster Flex x Ford

I'm a fan of JB Classics. Not a fanatic necessarily (I reserve that for my New Balance obsession) but I appreciate the moves they make in an industry dominated by billion dollar multi-national corporations. Two sneakers drop in this 3 way collaboration. One with Funk Master Flex (the over hyped and under talented NYC DJ...and as I call him a DJ every real DJ on the planet cringes), and the other with one of those multi-national corporations i was just referring to, Ford.

I prefer the Ford colorway from an overall design perspective (the classic Ford Blue is really sweet), but there is somethin' about the FMF colors that really draws the eye. The lime green and blue just really work well together in this shoe, especially with the red laces and speckled mid-sole. Crazy colors on both and I always like the JB "fruity pebbles" sole.

Like all the special projects from JB Classics, the FMF shoe is packaged with two sets of laces, is individually numbered, and comes with a Certificate of Ownership and cinch bag. Limited to 240 pairs worldwide! Looks like the Ford version will not be available for sale at all...what's up with that?!?

more pics via Highsnobiety

New Balance 574 hybrid

New Balance collaborates with Japanese store Another Edition and the outcome is certainly interesting. Based on the New Balance 574 the sneaker has been remixed into a boot. A sock continues out of the sneaker. The lining of the sneaker is the same that you also find on the box.

This is a pretty crazy lookin' shoe (boot I guess). Not exactly my favorite but it's always nice to see New Balance droppin' something interesting for the ladies.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Mods And Rockers Monday Night

Monday Night Nov. 12 @ The Orpheum is another installment of the monthly event known as "Mods And Rockers." All the garage rock, proto punk and good time 60's & 70's glam you can shake a stick at. DJs Shack, Heath Dupras, Gregg Schmidt, N8, & 2% bring the tunes, you bring the 'tude!!

Hugsmugglers T-Shirt Drops

Hugsmugglers is the streetwear line designed by Tampa artist Brandon Dunlap. Dunlap is one of the creative minds behind the "Dirty But Sophisticated" art/music/fashion events that have been goin' down in Tampa for the last few years. You can't go out in Tampa without seeing somebody rockin' his work. Go check it out and pick somethin' up.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

J-Live "Reveal The Secret" is the hot shit!!

So I posted a little somethin' about J-Live's new EP "Reveal The Secret" a while back. The thing has really been growin on me like the proverbial fungus people. I mean like Stephen King in "Creepshow" growin on me. J-Live lit this EP up!!! So in honor of spreading the fungus here is another track off the new EP.

Download "Red Light Green Light"