Friday, August 10, 2007

P.Casso "Thinkin A Lot" single

Hip hop has exhausted its formula. The old mold is waiting to be broken. And as MCs tire out the same words, the dead rhymes and store-bought beats, they are preparing the hip hop world for P.casso. In Buffalo, New York, while other MCs hardened the genre, Cristal by pistol, P.casso was reaching into the past, pulling up rap from its roots and reshaping it for himself.

Meanwhile other MCs rhymed Bacardi with party. In “Thinkin A lot” P.casso is explicit when he flips the conventions of hip hop around: “Since hip hop is a reflection of streets/ That only means you’re a reflection of me.” In the future, the definition of hip hop comes from P.casso. And the future is now.

download "Thinkin A Lot"
interview: Anti-mag

New Balance X Concepts 576 Colabo arrived!!!!!

Just arrived and they are Carraaazzzyyyy!!! Shiny patent leather on the back and a sorta snake skin leather on the toebox. Reflctive material on the tongue and the "N" logo. Plus I picked up the exclusive Concepts T. The Back Says "since "96" and the tongue of the kicks are embroidered with the greek symbols for 1996. A very nice shoe and Biggup to the cats at Concepts for being so easy to work with over the phone!

Kanye West & Takashi Murakami

Sept. 11 2007 is shaping up to be a fucking crazy date for music!!

As I already posted, Rhymesayer's artist, Grayskul will be releasing their album on 9/11.
So too will 50 cent (but who really gives a fuck about that except for every brainwashed clone on the planet). Here is his latest single... "I'm on Some Shit"

Now super dope artist Takashi Murakami has been tapped to do the cover art of Kanye West’s new album. The CD is titled "Graduation." Here is what the cover looks like. Be sure to cop cause it too drops on 9/11.

Download kanye's single w/ john mayer "bittersweet"