Saturday, October 6, 2007

Musab "Slick's Box" on Hiero-Imperium

I don't know who produced this track but I absolutely love the way they flipped the sample. I won't put 'em out there by identifying the track or band but I will give a clue by saying I love all the sports teams from this city. Musab really kills this track too.

Musab, the original emcee on Rhymesayers, parted ways with the label (in a seemingly bitter break) and has landed at Hiero-Imperium. Hiero has been loading up on talent lately and this is a welcome addition to their burgeoning roster. Check the track and get the album, "Slick's Box," you won't be sorry.

Download "Baang!"


Blue Sky Black Death & Hell Razah "Halos" ft Crooked I

I told ya I'd have the single with Crooked I for ya and here it is. Hell Razah and Crooked I get deep over a guitar driven BSBD track.

Download "Halos"


Battles (from NYC) & Joell Ortiz = Coolest Shit Ever!!!

This is some off the wall, cool-because-it's-so-unexpected, shit right here! Joell Ortiz made some noise on Koch Records with the release of his "The Brick / Bodega Chronicles" album early in '07. Battles is THE indy darling band of the moment with a whole plethora of EP's under their belt and a full length "Mirrored" that also dropped this year. DJ EMZ linked up with Ortiz and remixed Battle's "Leyendecker" off of "Mirrored" with Ortiz on the lyrics.

Download "Leyendecker"