Thursday, June 25, 2009

The King is Dead, Long Live The King

Yep, Michael Jackson, The King Of Pop, has died. I am surprised to admit that I was actually choked up when I found out. I was at the gym on a treadmill, minding my own business and listening to the DNAE Beats Mixtape "There's a Wormhole In My Bathroom." As the news came in across the multiple television screens lined up in front of the workout machines I realized that my pulse had risen for a reason that had nothing to do with a cardio workout. I had to brush away tears. In that room full of testosterone I was grateful to be sweating so as not to appear soft in front of the Golds Gymrats. I've always considered myself more of a Prince fan than a Michael fan and generally identified with all things NOT pop throughout the 80's. But there is no doubt that Jackson and his family have had an idelible impact on American culture and, as such, have quietly made an impact on my life that I wasn't entirely aware of until the moment that he passed away. Perhaps it's my age or the recent birth of my first child but I couldn't help but think of my own mortality. This man was a cultural icon before I was born and remained one, despite all the sublime and horrifying elements of his personal life, right up until the day that he died. He had a Disney ride for God's sake!! Rest In Peace Michael Jackson. There will never be another like you.

Slaughterhouse's Self Titled Debut Album Drops August 11th

Check out this new track by my new favorite super group!
SLAUGHTERHOUSE (Joe Budden, Royce Da 5'9", Joell Ortiz and Crooked I).
So if you know me just a little you know that Royce Da 5'9" is one of my favorite emcees. Dude just flows nice on everything he ever touches. Same can be said about Joell Ortiz who has been on my radar for a looong time. Just those two cats alone are what I wish Hip Hop stood behind in the oh nine. Complex rhymes schemes, legitimate and cohesive freestyle ability, storytelling, battle rhyming, and just all around confidence and mic control. Prototypical me anyway. Same can be said from a West Coast perspective about Crooked I. Flow, battle skills, swagger. Notice that nobody ever really steps to these cats with anything but respect. Then in comes Joe Budden who is the wild card in the group. Dude can and will say anything with a microphone in front of him. It seems to get him into a lotta hot water but he can also back it up with ferocious skills.
"Woodstock Hood Hop" produced by Nottz and featuring MOP is what I got for you.
Look out for Slaughterhouse on this summer's Rock The Bells Tour.
Also check out their self titled LP "SLAUGHTERHOUSE"
dropping August 11th on Slaughterhouse/ Koch Records.
Download: "Woodstock Hood Hop"

Cookbook Drops "I Love The 80's" For Free!!

Cali-based emcee and producer Jason Soto aka CookBook is proud to announce his newest release and romp through the past, "I Love the 80's". CookBook weaves movie references, synthesizers, techno dance sounds—alotta the greatest elements of the 80s—to create a celebration of a time known for aerobics and “The Breakfast Club.” Believe me when I tell ya that you're gonna recognize the tracks and samples. (Probably the reason that this is being given away for free if you ask me.)

Most people know CookBook as a member of the super rap collective LA Symphony. In 1999, the group’s critically acclaimed debut album, "Composition No. 1," thrust them into the national spotlight. Since then, they’ve released five full-lengths, and two EPs. The last release they had was "Unleashed" in 2007. And though the group is still together, CookBook and fellow LAS member UNO Mas have been busy in the studio working on several projects of their own.

"I Love the 80's" is far less a thug-homage to the decade than Prodigy’s recent "Product of the 80s"…CookBook’s style is lighter and quirkier, and the rhymes effortlessly weave in and out of 80s nostalgia. With tracks like “Die Hard,” “Molly Ringwald,” “Inner Space,” and “Growing Pains”, Cookbook uses colorful 80s-inspired samples and clever rhymes to successfully declare his love for the 80s. Slap on your neon and jogging suits, lace up your Reeboks, and get ready for a trip back in time—CookBook style! For fans of Pigeon John, the 80's, and good hip hop!!

The real dope thing about this release is that Cookbook is giving the whole thing to you for FREE!!! has "I Love The 80's" available for free download right now. Go over there and check out this record! Do this IMMEDIATELY!!! Tell 'em kicks-n-jams and DJ lazy sent ya!

Video Bambu "Quit" prod. Illmind

Keep BAMBU (of Native Guns) on your radar because I think this cat is gonna do big things.

Download: "Quit"

Keelay and Zaire Video F/ Nightclubber Lang

This video for the track "Slick Talk" off Keelay & Zaire's "Prelude To Drive" features cameos from Kee & Zee in the flesh, but the star of the picture is industry veteran known to some as Nightclubber Lang of The Boom Bap Project, and known to others as Karim Panni, founder of MYX Music Label. The video showcases the three at spots all around New York City, with backdrops of the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, underground scenes at the 57th street subway stop, and visits to local record stores as Nightclubber spits his slick talkin' rhymes.

Douglas Armour "Flushed & Flamelike, Themselves"

Douglas Armour "Flushed & Flamelike, Themselves" from daft arts on Vimeo.