Monday, November 19, 2007

"Duffle Bag Boy" Joell Ortiz remix is carazzzyy

Seriously! Seriously! Joell is a talented mufucker! I'm gonna give credit to Sonny Cracka for turning me on to the original Playaz Circle "Duffle Bag Boy" track featuring Lil' Wayne. This version sees Joell rhyming over the track about his experiences in the drug game. What is really sweet about this version is singer Novel doin' Wayne's chorus in a Curtis Mayfield-esque style. Check the nod to Prince in the chorus too! (ILL!!!!) Ortiz has lyrical skill for days (and days!!!) and it is all on display on this track. DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS ONE!

Download "Duffle Bag Boy" Joell Ortiz remix
Download "Duffle Bag Boy" original version

Atmosphere "Sad Clown Bad Fall" 10

One of the first tracks that Kicks-n-Jams ever dropped on you little monsters was an Atmosphere, tour-only, track from "Sad Clown Bad Summer." And as an aside, lemme tell you I was really excited that it got about twenty downloads. For a new blogger i felt like that was a lot! haha!
Well Ant & Slug are back for the Fall with "Sad Clown Bad Fall." More limited release niceness from the Atmosphere boys for your listening enjoyment. Consider it an appetizer while they put the finishing touches on their 6th studio album, "When Life Gives You Lemons..." which is due early next year.

Usually these tracks are available ON TOUR and ONLINE ONLY...but, since Rhymesayers loves you so much they've made a version of the EP, available for download here!!!

Download "Lyndale Avenue User's Manual"
Download "Peyote"