Friday, October 26, 2007

Jay-Z ft Lil Wayne "Hello Brooklyn"

Off of the "American Gangster" album that Jay-Z is makin', here comes the latest track. Anything is better than that wack ass Blue magic song!!

Download "Hello Brooklyn"

And since we're droppin Lil Wayne tracks, here is Freeway ft Lil Wayne.

Download "Step Back"

Dub Step?!? What It Is & Where It's From...

Dub Step is a genre that has been very difficult for me to get into. I had just not heard too much in it that made me wanna do anything other than yawn. But hey, the same can be said for a lotta hip hop these days too! ;-)

That being said, I just heard some stuff from a producer named Burial that sounds really interesting. Plus I ran across a video overview of the genre, and it's origins, and artists (Benga, Youngsta, & Kode 9) at XLR8R that introduced me to it in a way that I could relate to.

Some of this stuff really takes me back to the halcyon days of Hardcore / Drum & Bass / Jungle... only on downers. And hey, there's even a Florida contingent of this largely UK dominated genre.

Saul Williams New Album self-released online available Nov 1st

Saul Williams is taking the music industry into his own hands.
Following in the footsteps of Radiohead and others, Saul Williams is self-releasing his latest album "The inevitable rise and liberation of niggytardust!" online.
You can go over to his site and pick it up for a measly $5.

Guess who produced the album?
Yep, the man behind Nine Inch Nails, Trent Reznor!!!
Crazy right?!?!

Little Brother "The GetBack" Drops Oct 23rd

Little Brother dropped "The Getback" on Tuesday. Big Pooh and Phonte still seem unable to actually break up with 9th Wonder. He produced a few tracks for the album. Same thing happened on 9th's album too. Fortunately Hi-Tek, and Denaun Porter both produce tracks and probably the most hard hitting song "Good Clothes" was produced by Beat Fanatic producer Illmind.

Phonte leaked the album on I'm sure the label loooved that...

Little Brother will be out on tour with Evidence of Dilated Peoples for the next couple months. They'll be in Orlando Nov 27th.

Download "Good Clothes"

Nike Luxurious Dunk Package

Nike has created a set of 100 strictly limited luxury Dunks - exclusively for selected Music lovers. This product will not be for sale.

The luxurious Dunks are made of patent leather with details that play with the colors Black, Red and Gold. Special features of the model are the use of 3M ScotchliteTM and a checkered midsole. Another special element of the shoe is the Zoom cushioning that is normally used in Nike SB Dunks.

This special Dunk comes together with a “Be True” Shirt, a suitcase trolley and a special Dunk Hoody and will be given only to one hundred carefully selected guests on the occasion of the MTV Music Awards in Munich. The personal hand over will take place at Nike’s Dunk Studio – a temporary studio space located in Munich’s Glockenbach neighbourhood.

The studio showcases the universe of this sneaker Icon from its first days to contemporary executions such as selected styles of the Nike Sport Culture Spring 08 Collection.

info & more pics via highsnobiety

Company Flow re-unites at CMJ

The worst kept secret in New York last week was that at Def Jux’s CMJ Showcase, Company Flow would reunite on stage. And that’s exactly what happened when EL-P was joined by Bigg Jus after his solo set to run through some Co Flo songs. DJ Mr Len was nowhere to be seen but El-P’s current DJ, Mr Dibbs helped the duo with “The Fire In Which You Burn,” “Population Control” “Vital Nerve” and “8 Steps To Perfection.” There are rumored plans that the group will be re-uniting next year.

El-P also had another surprise guest on the night, when he was joined by Del The Funkee Homosapien.

info link at nialler9