Friday, July 8, 2011

Dirt Nasty and Jack Splash Create New Group 'Chainswangaz'

Here is the first of five videos/songs that are incredibly wrong, offensive and very funny. If you don't like wrong and offensive please delete.

Charlie Sheen & 2 Live Crew Star In The First Of A Five Part Video Series
Leading to Debut EP Dropping September 8th

Note: This is potentially offensive stuff if taken into the wrong perceptive mind. If you aren't into nasty hardcore sex humor and taking shots at everyone then read no further and click absolutely no links related to this.
The unpredictable and highly entertaining rapper Dirt Nasty and Grammy award winning producer Jack Splash have teamed up to form a new group called CHAINSWANGAZ. The group was formed out of a mutual love of hip hop, humor, all things nasty and a reverence for Rick Rubin, Too Short and 2 Live Crew. The duo called in said idols Too Short and 2 Live Crew to collaborate in the studio along with Warren G and made a hilariously wrong and impressively skillful EP and five videos.

The first single 'Steak And Mash Potatoes' features Brother Marquis of 2 Live Crew and the video features Charlie Sheen in his first ever music video appearance. Dirt says of Charlie's involvement in the project, "For some strange reason Charlie actually loves the music we're making and thinks I'm a good rapper." Jack Splash explains the impetus for the project as "My favorite producer is Rick Rubin and Dirt grew up in Oakland listening to Too Short and 2 Live Crew, so we decided to put those worlds together and do some brand new filthy shit and have some fun".

Chainswangaz will be releasing their first EP titled 'EXTENDED PACKAGE' for free download to all of their fans via their website on September 8th

Quotes from some friends (we didn't write them so don't shoot the messenger!):

"This is some music to get your dick sucked to!"---TOO SHORT

"Jack Splash is an enigma wrapped in a riddle inside the labyrinth! Dirt Nasty is brilliant at being exactly what he is: a pimp-ass Bay Area partyboy muthafucka! I love it!"---RAS KASS

"Not since Tony and Maria in Westside Story has there been such a beautiful White-Latino musical affair!"---STRETCH ARMSTRONG

"This is some outer space party shit...intergalactic booty shaking music"---ALCHEMIST

"I'm about as backpack as they come and I overly approve of this music. Need I say more?"---EVIDENCE