Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Skatepark of Tampa & UGP limited T-shirt design

This is some hot shit right here!!! S.P.O.T. hooked up with U.G.P for a limited release T-shirt that will destroy cities, blow speakers and snap necks at the same time! Check the detail on the robot/boom box! I love this design which I think was done by Sebastian Surroca of U.G.P.

UGP Underground Products also known as "UGP" was launched in 1986 as a brand dedicated to providing a home and a voice for the people who live and breathe the bike and board cultures. The movement started to create products that would accurately represent the underground sub-culture devoted to this lifestyle. UGP's innovative modern infusion of retro styling mixed with an element of raw sarcasm genuinely portrays the authentic underground street attitude that originally inspired this brand. The distinctive flavor of UGP's "question everything" approach to mainstream idealism is evident in every line of products.

This shirt is available but super limited over at Skatepark of Tampa.

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