Thursday, September 6, 2007

Daryl Hall Interview at Pitchfork

One more reason why Hall and Oates is so fucking cool! The guy is all about the upcoming Gym Class Heroes Hall & Oates Mash up Project!

Pitchfork: We've also just heard that the Gym Class Heroes produced a mash-up album with your music. What do you think of people sampling your music?

DH: I love it. I talked to the producers that did that, John and I both talked to them, and we're working on a project with them. Out of all this came a probable collaboration. What they did was really artistically groundbreaking, I think...And it created a really interesting piece of music. To me, it's like the spirit of Sacred Songs. That's what it reminds me of. It's that experimental spirit that breaks new ground artistically, and I really like it.

To answer your question about people using my samples, once I do something it belongs to the world. Now, I like being paid obviously, but other than the credit, financial and-- you know, real credit, I love it. Do whatever you want. Mess with me. It's fair game.

Read the full interview at PITCHFORK

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