Monday, September 10, 2007

ENTER SHIKARI (or - The English do Screamo?!)

Enter Shikari (MySpace), a London-based quartet that Tony Wilson hailed as "the most exciting band I've seen since the early Sex Pistols gigs back in '76/'77."


The tracks are engrossing because you can hear these really disparate influences in the music that are just totally unexpected in, for instance, an American Screamo outfit. Weird old school rave melodic lines, Van Halen synths from the "1984," album (especially "Jump")and other odd bits abound to make this really interesting, and genre defying, stuff. I don't know why but I hear Coheed and Cambria in the vocals just a very little bit (especially in"Sorry You're Not Winner"). Plus it's kinda funny to hear the gut screaming and sudden crooning mixed together with an English accent!

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