Saturday, September 8, 2007

Xczircles "The Urge" E.P. on

Hip Hop is worldwide. I feel stupid and cliched just writing that. Nothing makes this fact more obvious than when some of the most interesting music is coming from places that your typical American would never expect. Why is it necessary for another country, another culture, to maintain and nurture the art form that was created here? The artists who live here? I don't know, but Soulja Boy isn't being released by an overseas label...

France; Jerry Lewis is funny, Air is a pop sensation, and they surrender a lot. Typical cliched assumptions right? Well how about aggressive, darkly claustrophobic, beats on a par with DJ Shadow, Dan The Automator, and RJD2?
That's what you get if you check out "The Urge E.P." from beatmaker Xczircles.
Now Xczircles is from California but he was approached by the French website to release "The Urge E.P." as an exclusive download release available for FREE at their site.
Click over there and check it out.
You won't be disappointed.
If only would pay attention to an artist like Xczircles...

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