Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nike buys Umbro for over half a billion!!

In a move that will probably interest my man Mudd, my boss Tony and DJ Rig, among others, it appears that Nike is buying UMBRO for $580 million.
I got the info over at Kix-files go over there for the full article. I can't think of a single kid who played soccer that didn't have or want a pair of Umbro shorts. The coolest pro teams all wore 'em. Nike is just takin' over everything I guess.


mudd said...

yo thats huge. big moves in the soccer world for nike. adidas is going to have to make big moves to keep the world cup deal.

dj rig said...

i think adidas will never let the copa mundial slip thru there fingers. And yes, lazy, i read your blogs.