Friday, November 9, 2007

Jeezy "National Anthem" produced by Chops!?!!

I could not care any less than I already do about Jeezy. Mad typical and boring to me. However I am a loyal supporter of my man Chops. Formerly of the Mountain Brothers and one of the hottest producers in the underground for years, Chops is finally makin' major moves with mainstream artists. I'm not one of these cats who starts dissin' an artist who I used to like just because they're makin the move into more mainstream work. I'm still a fan and am happy that Chops is gettin' some shine and some green. So here is a brand new Jeezy track with Chops on production. Even Jeezy sounds better with Chops!!! haha

Download "National Anthem"

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Anonymous said...

Chops is the best! I too am a longtime supporter of Chops. I bought all his records he has ever done. I did not know about this one, and I will continue to support him no matter who Chops works with big or small.

Thanks for putting this up.