Thursday, December 6, 2007

Mike Ladd served me with an injunction!!

Mike Ladd, best known for his deft flow and funked-up rhythms
on the Infesticons 2000 "Gun Hill Road" album, will release his
tenth LP, "Nostalgialator" on January 15th via Def Jux.
Co-produced by Brooklyn-based mixer Scotty Hard (Wu-Tang, De La Soul,
Jon Spencer),the record was originally released by !K7 in Europe
back in 2004. Now we get a taste of "Nostalgialator" here in the
On a side note it was a Mike Ladd / Infesticons track that got me
kicked off of Napster years ago. I was apparently sharing it and
his label or whatever filed a grievance and so I couldn't use
Napster for a hot minute. It is therefore my great pleasure to leak
this track to you folks in hopes that Mike's lawyers come after me
once again.

Bring it on boys!!!!

Download "Trouble Shot"

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