Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Balance M574 NDK Ndividual

The next drop of New Balance Ndividual sneakers have landed at Overkill. The Ndividual Series enable you to change details like the laces and logos in different colours: black and neon yellow. The logos are attached by a velcro and come in neon yellow, neon camo and grey camo. Black, high quality leather upper with silver logo stitch. I like the idea of these sneakers far better than the execution. They should shy away from the "high quality" leather (suede would be better) and focus on other aspects. Maybe a different colored sole or a mid sole with more flavor. Add a lace lock or get more interesting with the eyelets. Right now the shoes come off like something your dad would pick up in a desperate attempt to remain "hip," whatever the hell THAT means! There is still potential for this series but they gotta get on it now before they completely lose public interest. It's funny that they drop this design called Ndividual and then turn around and can design truly original series like the "super team" family and the "hungry dragon" stuff. You can do better NB!!!

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J. said...

spoken like a true shoe head - these are a really weak release from NB -