Friday, July 25, 2008

The Mighty Underdogs "Droppin' Science Fiction"

Ok, I'll admit that I'm extremely biased here. I could blog about this collaborative, super-group, album without ever hearing a single track and I'd still have nothing but love and compliments for it. The Mighty Underdogs are already hip hop royalty. Lateef and Gift of Gab have been on my top emcee list for over a decade (since the Solesides days) and I've been turned on to Headnodic since I initially heard his work and posted about it right here on kicks-n-jams. Add in the fact that it gets the co sign from indie, hip hop heavyweight, Definitive Jux AND features appearances from Zion I, Chali 2na, Tash (of Tha Liks), MF Doom, DJ Shadow, Damian Marley, Mr. Lif & more. Suddenly this album is lookin' like the monster underground hit of '08. How did I not hear a thing about it until now??? Not even a whisper...
I'm glad I did and you will be too when you check out this track! "War Walk" features Tash, Chali 2na, Zion I, & Raashan Ahmad and sets off an album that you're gonna wanna go pick up. I know I am. It drops October 14th on Def Jux. GO GET IT!!!

Download: The Mighty Underdogs "War Walk"

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