Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cocaine Blunts and Hip Hop Tapes Just Nailed it on The Head

I agree with most if not all of what Noz has to say about critics in 2008

To hear the tastemakers tell it, the worst album of Lil Wayne’s career is the best rap album of 2008. And one of just two rap albums mentioned on Pitchfork’s year end wrap up (not even honorably).

No Jeezy (whose OMG! RECESSION! hook was almost tailor made for the pitchforkian “we like rappers who are smart but not smarter than we are” perspective) or Killer Mike (he of twelfth best single of 2006 fame) or Gucci Mane (who should’ve been this year’s Cam’Ron to people whose entire relationship with hip hop entails laughing with/at? it) or Z-Ro (who wallows in misery and self doubt better than any of the unwashed white folks who made the Pitchfork list). Not even The Fucking Roots (who put out a better album this year than all the other ones they put out in the ~eight year period when non-rap critics were fawning over them.) And yeah, The Mixtape About Nothing was cute, but not even Wale would try to tell you it was the second best rap album of the year.

But none of these acts need Pitchfork love. With the exception of maybe The Roots, it’s not like pitchfork kids were actually buying these types of records or going to those artist’s concerts, apart from their one off date at the Knitting Factory.

It’s an embarrassing time to be a music critic.

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