Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trick Love Da Kids!!! "This The Shit that I Live" single

I don't care what people think. I've always been down with Trick Daddy. I was the only white boy in the club when he came to Sarasota and a riot popped off during his set. Cats were jumping over the bar and grabbing the cash registers! Even before all that happened he was a real cool guy. Took time to chat with me in the DJ booth and was just basically a really down to earth kinda person. This was before "You Don't Know Nann," before mainstream fame really hit him. He was just a hood star with huge street cred and in my opinion he still carries himself that way. To me "Dro in The Wind" with Cee-lo is still a summertime Florida anthem. And my favorite, blow the club up, track of all time from him is (of course) "Let's Go" ft Lil John and Twista. So here is his brand new single "This The Shit That I live" off the new album "Finally Famous" so rock that shit!!!!

Download: "This The Shit that I Live"

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