Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tools "What's Da Prob?" Single

"What's Da Prob?" is the first single off of emcee Tools' new album "Crushed Ice." Now if there was ever a time to NOT judge a book by it's cover this is it. Tools looks like your standard ice obsessed, gun claiming, female disrespecting, New York Thug rapper (i.e. any diplomat affiliated emcee except for J.R. Writer). It may be the case that Tools discusses materialism, guns, and women but his spin both softens the impact and amplifies the effect. In fact it may be that Tools resembles J.R. Writer more than any other emcee. He has interesting flow, an emotive delivery and his beat selection is leaps and bounds more interesting than many emcees who work in the same style. "What's Da Prob?" rides the old school Beastie Boys beat from "Paul Revere" with a new school approach.
Born in Liberia, West Africa, Tools Beastly started listening to hip hop at an early age. When he was 12 civil war broke out and his family fled to Sierra Lione eventually sacrificing everything they had and moved to the United States. This kind of history obviously influences his approach. Check out the video and take a listen to an underground emcee who you haven't heard of yet but who deserves your attention. "Crushed Ice" drops on HardTimes Records August 25th.

Tools “Changes

DOWNLOAD: "What's Da Prob"

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