Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jack Splash is back!!!

He never really left. The man behind plantlife, the unarguable genesis of the falsetto soul funk revival popularized by pharell, Snoop, Cee-lo and other pop stars is finally puttin' it down for his again. I for one couldn't be happier. Jack Splash has been the quiet superstar behind a ton of tracks in pop music over the last couple years. He's now back to doin his own thing with the "technology and love might save us all" full length coming this spring on J Records. He is notoriously bad at keeping up to date on the internet (I don't think plantlife ever had a myspace or a website lol). But this guys music is undeniably the future and unrepentantly iconoclastic. Equal parts funk and electronics, sweaty soul and cool computer. "King Of the Beats Vol. 1" is the first taste to get the world ready for the album. It drops this week and if you have any funk in your soul you'll pick it up.
Download: Jack Splash "38 Special" ft Cee-Lo

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