Monday, March 29, 2010

T.H.E.W.E.A.K. "17 again" video

T.H.E.W.E.A.K., comprised of MC rappers T Squared and Super Hero Supreme. T.H.E.W.E.A.K., (They. Hate. Everyone. With. Education. And. Knowledge), is a group with a direct and refreshing lyrical message which strives to “fight crime via the microphone” and to restore balance in and outside the Hip-Hop community.

T.H.E.W.E.A.K. create music that works towards the comprehension of Hip-Hop culture for both those who choose to accept it and those who struggle against it. Both T Squared and Super Hero Supreme believe that misconception and ignorance can turn to hate; it is from this hate thatT.H.E.W.E.A.K. have taken their name. T.H.E.W.E.A.K. can usually be caught prowling DC or Maryland streets looking for the “wicked and wack.”

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