Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dinner At The Thompson's performing in Tampa June 2nd

Dinner At The Thompson's, the French-American duo of songstress Lucille Tee and producer/multi-instrumentalist Fablive, is excited to release "It All Began," the latest single from their forthcoming sophomore album, "Off The Grid," which will be released on May 17th via Earth At Work Records. The new single is a funk-fueled groove with a strong bass line and some quirky instrumental samples, including a mix of brass and muffled electric keys, that serve as the perfect compliment for the song's weaving tales of seedy underworld characters courtesy of Lucille's strong story-telling.

Complimenting the song, director Guillaume Cosson filmed the video as a sequence shot, an uninterrupted weaving of shots that streams its way throughout the video, pulling the viewer further in with each new development. And as impressive as the video is -- which is to say, very; YouTube's Music Page will be featuring the video this Friday -- the super catchy hook, driven by Lucille's infectious vocals, is just as memorable, making this latest single from Dinner At The Thompson's a true standout.

Dinner At The Thompson's Off The Grid will be released May 17th on Earth At Work Records via FatBeats Distribution.

Download: "It All Began"
Download: "rice & beans" ft guilty simpson 
Download: "how can I"

Look for them live at the orpheum in tampa florida THURSDAY JUNE 2nd!  Get Advance Tix for $8!!

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