Tuesday, August 14, 2012


RiFF RAFF is frequently ridiculous(thanks nialler)...but there is something about this guy that grabs the imagination and holds the attention of a 21st century attention deficit disordered culture.  Diplo, the kingpin of oddball subgenre promotion (hi M.I.A., Bonde De Role, Rusko, Major Lazer, SantigoldRye Rye etc.) has big plans and RiFF's new mixtape via Mad Decent, "Birth Of An Icon" is a purple drank, neon light bulb, sideways ride through the mind of a ritalin obsessed adolescent alien who somehow landed in Houston and was taken in by DJ Screw and Mike Jones.
There has been a lot written about whether or not RiFF RAFF is serious or not.  My only response to that whole line of questioning is, "what difference does it make?"
As Die Antwoord has said before when asked if their presentation is performance art or "real," - "what do you think?"

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