Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Aesop Rock "None Shall Pass" on Def Jux Aug. 28th

The Aesop Rock album "None Shall Pass" from Definitive Jux Records has arrived at last.
Some really cool CD art on this one from Jeremy Fish of Silly Pink Bunnies.

Fourteen tracks (plus one secret hidden gem) and it is an excellent album overall. "None Shall Pass" marks the return of Blockhead on production for much of the CD. EL-P and Rob Sonic also provide a track each while Aesop lays down a few burners as well.

Will this album stop war? Will it cure cancer? Will it "save" indy hip hop? (from what? I have no idea.)

I don't know!!

Is it a really strong album from an artist who has consistently grown from record to record? Well, to that question I can certainly respond with a resounding YES!

It is a less noisy affair than Bazooka Tooth. I can't help but sense some sorta similarity to MC 9ooft Jesus of all artists. Especially his early production like "The City Sleeps" off of 1991's "Welcome To My Dream." Or maybe Massive Attack's early stuff (like "protection") before Mezzanine or even "Teardrop" from that album. Either way a slightly smoother, less distorted aesthetic is without question in place on this release. It works too. Aesop's stories are introspective and evocative of a film noir sensibility that he has rarely displayed up to this point.

Cop it! Don't sleep!

download Aesop Rock's "No City"

and then check out "The City Sleeps" video from MC 900ft Jesus and tell me you don't hear a little similarity...

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