Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Faculty releases "Phar From Home" Sept. 11

Yep, another release on the 11th of september. Another dope group, another hot single, another strong album. How can all these records get the attention they deserve if they all come out at the same time?!?

Hopefully you all check out this Oxnard, Cali based crew, The Faculty. The album features production by the always impressive Jake One. You might be familiar with The Faculty through their consistent releases over the last few years featuring Wild Child and production by Vitamin D, Da Beatminerz, Oh No, and more.

If not then you should get learned with "He's Mine." The first single off their album, "Phar from Home." It's a strong and heartfelt assertion about the importance of father's stepping up and taking responsibility for raising their children.

Download "He's Mine"

And buy the album when it drops on sept. 11th

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