Saturday, August 11, 2007

Panacea drops "The Scenic Route" sept. 4th

From washington, D.C., Panacea is Raw Poetic (emcee) & K-Murdock (producer). Their first album "ink is my drink" was a solid offering from new and upcoming label Glow In The Dark Records. Now they've teamed with both GitD and Rawkus Records (yep they're part a that rawkus 50 ridiculousness) for their sophomore release, "The Scenic Route." The new album offers more of the same insightful lyrical delivery along with a fully fleshed out and forward thinking production that places the duo in the same category as acts like NowOn & The Sol.illaquists of Sound. The group is not afraid to move away from the dogmatic underground affiliation with "that ole boom bap" and often dips into different rhythms and tempos throughout the album. I especially like the production on "Between Earth and Sky." Of course Raw Poetic's conversational delivery and multi faceted themes does lend itself to labels like "conscious" and "underground" but there is no denying that they can bring the feel good vibes and anthems that any music lover is gonna enjoy.

download "Between Earth and Sky"
download "The Scenic Route"

and cop the album when it drops on sept. 4th

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