Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Balance ST33 "Natural Resources" ???

Props to Highsnobiety for finding these new releases from New Balance.

The "Wood" model in this series features parts in hemp, the logo and the inner sole in cork. Also there is a tree graphic on the side of the sneaker. Colors stay in the white and brown tones with some dark green accents. The "Water" model comes in blue/white colors and features a graphic on the side that you cannot really see unless you look close. The mid sole fades from white to blue. We think the third one goes for the name "Metal", but that is a pure guess. They come in black premium leather, red suede and a metallic material. On the side they also feature a graphic. All three come with the Super Team 33 logo on the inner sole and the outside of the sneaker. Also, as usual, quality in terms of materials and execution on these is really good.

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