Thursday, August 30, 2007

Stone's Throw Records has some weird shit


yeah. Baron Zen "At The Mall: Remixes" is a project described as, "the missing link between PIL and DFA." I don't know about that but I will say that the similarities between the '89, deadpan, nihilistic, slice-of-life, observations of Baron Zen and current band All Teeth And Knuckles is striking.

"From '88 to '92 DJ Sweet Steve was a one-man punk rock/disco army known as Baron Zen." The fact that we are even aware of this is ironic (Baron Zen never played a show, never released a record, and rejected all forms of publicity) because before making his name as a DJ and Producer and founder of Stone's Throw Records, Peanut Butter Wolf was programming drums for Baron Zen.

The remixes feature production from: PBW, J. Rocc, Blu Jemz, M-80, James Pants, Arabian Prince, Madlib, Danny Breaks, DJ Romes, & Tekblazer. It feels like a modern electro-blog-house project featuring snotty vocals from Paul Banks of Interpol. This project is so unusual because Stone's Throw (an admittedly idiosyncratic label) has, up until this point, never dipped into the new blog/electro/mash-up scene. When you think of Stone's Throw, you think of dusty breaks and jazzed out weirdness yes, hipster dance music...not so much. Yet despite this unexpected turn of events here is a CD that is equally comfortable sandwiched right in the middle of a PBW DJ set and an Iheartcomix mix.

Check out Baron Zen and go cop this record when it drops in Sept. The hipsters will love ya for it. :-)

Download "Walked In Line" Blu Jemz rmx
Download "Turned Around" Peanut Butter Wolf rmx

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