Friday, August 10, 2007

P.Casso "Thinkin A Lot" single

Hip hop has exhausted its formula. The old mold is waiting to be broken. And as MCs tire out the same words, the dead rhymes and store-bought beats, they are preparing the hip hop world for P.casso. In Buffalo, New York, while other MCs hardened the genre, Cristal by pistol, P.casso was reaching into the past, pulling up rap from its roots and reshaping it for himself.

Meanwhile other MCs rhymed Bacardi with party. In “Thinkin A lot” P.casso is explicit when he flips the conventions of hip hop around: “Since hip hop is a reflection of streets/ That only means you’re a reflection of me.” In the future, the definition of hip hop comes from P.casso. And the future is now.

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interview: Anti-mag

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