Friday, August 17, 2007

Psyche Origami's DJ Dainja drops "WatchTower"

Its been too long since Dj Dainja of Psyche Origami's last mixtape "Cadence", so he's FINALLY hittin the pavement with another one.

Shining the spotlight on the best in independent hip hop, "Watchtower" covers everything from new De La Soul, to underground rulers like MF Doom and Masta Ace, even local ATL favorites like Jax and the AB's get the treatment (...shhh! There just may be a brand spankin' new unreleased Psyche O track hidden on there, fresh from the studio that you can't get anywhere else!)
So don't get left in the dark! (If you don't live in the ATL, order HERE. It's only $5!!)

Download "Wherever You Are" off of Psyche O's"The Standard"

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