Monday, August 20, 2007

Raheem Jamal Releases "Boombox" album on Brick Records

Brick Record's latest release, "Boombox" by Raheem Jamal is what a rap album should be: One MC. One Producer. A cohesive balance between head-snapping beats and inspirational lyrics. Production on "Boombox" is delivered by fellow Boston rapper and producer Raydar Ellis (he dropped "Late Pass" on heads last year). These are (to paraphrase Stevie Wonder) songs in the key of life, love, struggle and strength.

“My record is about finding myself and achieving balance in life,” explains Jamal. “If someone can find something in themselves in my journey, that’s great.” Born and raised in Boston, Jamal has been an integral part of the city’s distinctive hip-hop scene for sometime. Jamal is also a member of Project Move, whose LP "Love Gone Wrong/Butterfly Theory" was released last year. You can even check for Jamal's other group Electric Company, who released "Life's A Struggle." “From conscious heads to street heads,” says Jamal, “Boston has an amazing hip-hop scene with so many talented artists.”

Take a sec and check out one of Boston's most talented emcees and then go cop the damn record!!

download via zshare "We Got"

download "Boombox"

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