Monday, August 20, 2007

Spear of the Nation Drops "Spearitalk" Sept. 11th

Hey folks! Hope everybody had a good weekend. I just got a new album from the ladies over at NatAural High in San Francisco, CA. "Spearitalk" by Lunar Height's emcee Spear of the Nation.

Continuing to build on the foundation of Oakland's hip hop trinity Lunar Heights, emcee Spear of the Nation is dropping a solo hip hop album on Sept. 11th. What does this educator, foot soldier, and rap tycoon want to talk about? Production masterminds Aristotle the Great and DJ Icewater have mapped it out. Bay Area producer Aristotle the Great aka Aries has coined the term "Boom Slap." When you hear the music you'll know what he means.

NatAural High has dropped some hot albums and 12"s in the last few years.
(Lunar Height's "Crescent Moon" Jern Eye's "Authentic Vintage" Omni's "Batterie" Bavu Blakes "Nobody Leavin" Spank Pops "Populate" and more) "Spearitalk" is right in line with all these releases as well as the sounds of other Bay area representers The Coup, Zion I, Lyrics Born, & Blackalicious.

Make sure and cop this one!

Download via zshare "Clap"

Download via zshare "Black Love"

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